The 7 silver-screen sweeties we can't stop swooning over

While crushing IRL can be fun, we all have our go-to fictional movie characters to fall back on. They're loving, oh so cute, and the best part? They're guaranteed to never break our hearts. We’ve rounded up our absolute favorite fictional BFs—just add popcorn!
What movie BF makes you totally swoon? Let us know below!  
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    Noah Calhoun – The Notebook

    We couldn’t leave out this classic cutie. Noah literally builds a house for Allie and loves her unconditionally even after her memories of their romance disappear. Talk about true love!

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    Troy Bolton – High School Musical

    A boy that sings, dances and kicks total butt in basketball? Troy is the HS cutie we always wanted but could never find.

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    Peeta Mellark – The Hunger Games

    Peeta has always been totally crushable. He saved Katniss’ life when she was a little girl and is willing to do anything to protect her now that they’re all grown up. Who doesn’t want a guy like that? 

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    Michael Moscovitz – The Princess Diaries

    Who can resist a nerdy dude in a band? Michael saw Mia even when she was invisible—and we can’t help but swoon when he rolls up to the ball in a tux.

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    Josh – Clueless

    Ok, so falling for your ex-step sibling might be a tad odd, but in the case of Cher and Josh we’ll let it slide. Josh is proof that sometimes the guy you're meant to be with is right under your nose.

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    Augustus Waters – The Fault in Our Stars

    We’re not the only ones dreaming of finding a guy like Gus, right? Despite his own illness, Gus still puts his relationship with Hazel first. 

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    Prince Philip – Sleeping Beauty

    We can’t talk about movie cuties without throwing it back to our very first crush. Prince Philip saves his true love, Aurora, and the entire kingdom—all with a single kiss. Where can we find a guy like that?

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by Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016