The Hills Recap: Kicked to the Curb

Hey Fashionistas! We had some bummers on The Hills this week, and some cheery moments, too! Steph messes up, Audrina figures out what she wants and Heidi gets her feelings off her chest.

Lauren and Stephanie take a lunch break from their high fashion job at People’s Revolution. Steph tells LC that she’s really stressed and insists that instead of work, work, work, it’s time for boys. Lauren looks a little scared because Steph’s barely made a dent at work as it is! Uh oh, Lauren. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

Somewhere across Hollywood, Heidi is at her own lunch with a co-worker. She’s confused because she got a message from Spencer’s buddy, Stacie. Drama is headed your way, Heidi…

Back at PR, Lauren is preparing for a shoot at Smashbox with Lo’s new boss. She’s thrilled to do a shoot all by herself, and brings Steph up-to-date with her duties for this big project. Halfway through directions, though, Steph’s phone goes off. Working with your friends is tough!

Checking in with Audrina, she’s preparing for a super cool music showcase when Justin Bobby calls! Our girl Audrina handles it pretty well—pleasant but telling him they should speak tomorrow. After all, she’s working and having a great time. Who wants to deal with him now?

The Smashbox shoot: Lauren and Lo are on set, but when they pull open the garment bags to get the clothes ready for the shoot some of the best picks are missing. Lauren tries to figure out what happened when a light-bulb goes off—Stephanie didn’t put them in the bags.

Later that day Heidi goes to Stacie’s job to find out what’s up. Stacie doesn’t exactly apologize, but claims to want to get off Heidi’s bad side (good luck with that!). Instead of being nice, though, she keeps asking Heidi why she’s with Spencer. Stacie, if you wanna be BFFs with someone, you don’t call them crazy.

After a long day at work, Audrina finally meets up with JB to tell him “it’s over!” He makes jokes and she runs out of the restaurant. For once JB gets really upset and follows her out. He brings up the Brody thing and the yelling ensues. Audrina brings up that they were never really together, case closed.

At People’s Rev, Steph anxiously sits at her desk across from Lauren, who doesn’t exactly look thrilled to see her. She apologizes and Lauren explains that when Steph messes up, it looks bad on her. She looks sorry but doesn’t really understand the full situation. At the mere mention of getting in trouble, in walks Lauren’s boss, Kelly, who asks Lauren to come to her office. We all have a pretty good idea of what’s about to happen.

Kelly gets down to business. She wants to know what happened and she wants to know fast—“Where were the clothes?” “Where was Stephanie?” Kelly is embarrassed about the entire sitch and tells Lauren that someone needs to pay for what happened. She tells her to get rid of Steph by the end of the week “and do it quick!” Yikes. Sorry Steph, but that was a total dream job and you shoulda brought your A-game!

What do you think? Is Kelly right to fire Steph? What would you have done with that super cool job at an LA fashion company? Have you ever had to work with a friend on a project and she didn’t deliver? And what about Audrina and JB? Do you have a guy you just can’t get away from?


by AnneMarie D. | 2/1/2016