The Hills Recap: Wedding Blues

This episode of everyone’s favorite beach drama marked the beginning of the end. With only two eppies left till Lauren Conrad says goodbye, you can count on the girls to deliver punches in a big way.

First we caught up with Heidi, stoked about her upcoming wedding, but seriously sad about the whole Lauren sitch. Her and Steph pow wow over lunch about becoming in-laws, but then the LC topic sparks up again. Heidi asks Steph to deliver an invitation to LC, but she isn’t so convinced. “She just fired me, Heidi!” she complains. Our li’l blonde friend could care less and insists that her new sis in law do the task.

Over in Hollywood, Audrina and Lo are at a shopping trip chatting about the upcoming party with guess who? Brody and Jade, of course! Always the party girl, Audrina is actually considering skipping this one to avoid all the drama. That might be a totally smart move, chickie.

That afternoon, LC meets up with Stephanie for a bite. After an awkward moment about the whole being fired thing, the wedding subject comes up. Lauren is really uncomfortable about it, but Steph keeps telling her how important it is that she comes to the shindig. “I just don’t see why it would matter,” she says. Hello, Lauren? You totally used to be best buds! 

On the other side of town, Spencer is chillin with Charlie, his BGF. “It’s time to get serious,” he tells Charlie, and they bring up a list of ways Spencer can commit to Heidi. On top of that list is making good with Darlene, Heidi’s mom, and of course, LC. Spence doesn’t look so thrilled about that.

His best girl, Heidi, is over at Monique Lhullier, testing out dream wedding gowns. Although everybody is super psyched about the wedding, she is still bummed over Lauren’s decision to bail. “You look so pretty, don’t be sad,” says Steph, trying to cheer her up.

The next day, the fearsome foursome, Steph, Lo, Audrina and LC share lunch and laughs. As they chat about the last few years, becoming buds, fighting, new jobs and new boys, Lauren notes that Spencer is behind all the fights. Still, the other three ladies are all going to the wedding and it looks like they are totally getting through to LC.

Later that night, Audrina and Steph put the drama behind them and head out to a fun party—yes, the very one Audrina vowed to miss. They gossip for a bit until Brody and Jade walk in. To make matters worse, Lo points out to Steph that Kelly Cutrone is the party planner—yes, the same Kelly who asked LC to fire Steph. Awkward! After Jade sees Audrina, she murmurs empty threats totally backed up by Brody. To make matters worse, Kelly walks over and asks Steph what she is doing there. Steph is caught off guard and they go back and forth till Steph grabs Audrina and they escape. Phew!

Back at the Spiedi household, Heidi gets serious with Spencer about the Lauren sitch. He reverts back to jerk mode and makes fun. She is totally clear with him that he needs to call Lauren, though. But Lauren’s been clear that she wont talk to him—who will give in to this BFF battle?!

Heidi takes matters into her own hands and decides to drop off an invite to Lauren herself. She stops at People’s Revolution, and they have an awe-inspiring heart-to-heart. “I still don’t get why you want me there,” Lauren says to Heidi. With tears in her eyes, Heidi tells her how special she is to her, and Lauren dishes the twosome tales pre-Spencer.

Somehow Heidi must have gotten through to Spence, because back at the apt he’s pacing back and forth with phone in hand. Finally, he picks it up and dials. “Lauren, it’s your former best friend Spencer Pratt here,” he says. He gets down to it and apologizes for the last few years, the fights, the rumors, and most importantly, breaking up the Heidi-LC friendship. Even though Lauren is nervous, she hears his bottom line—this is about Heidi and her, not him and her.

As we say goodbye to our LA friends, what do you think will happen in the last and final episode this season? Will LC make an appearance at the wedding? What will happen to Brody and Audrina’s friendship? Don’t forget, the last episode is on at a very special Sunday, May 31st


by Annemarie D. | 2/1/2016