SYTYCD: Lights, Camera, Audition!

Finally, the hottest show of the summer is back and it’s back with a vengeance! Part two of the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance continued this week with a two-hour show featuring auditions in Miami and Memphis.

Judges Nigel Lythgoe (love him!) and Mary Murphy returned for a fifth season and were joined by jazz and contemporary choreographer Tyce Diorio in Miami and hip-hop/crunk choreographer Lil’ C in Memphis.

Here are some highlights!

Priscilla Marrero wowed the judges with a dramatic contemporary dance in Miami, but it was couple Janette Mamara and Ronule Villaverde who stole the show with their sizzlin’ salsa number!

Meanwhile, hip-hoppin’ identical twins Jennifer and Jessica Gudix weren’t so hot. The twins sported matching black outfits with silver bell-bottoms, but Tyce said their performance was tragic. I couldn’t agree more.

Also in Miami, Joseph Smith introduced a new word to the English vocab, “shawam!,” which can be used to describe something good or bad. After he performed a fun-filled hip-hop routine, he moved to the choreography round and was later given a plane ticket to Las Vegas for the second round. Shawam!

Erik “Silky” Moore brought tap dancing to a whole new level with a funky routine including traditional tap, hip-hop and breakdancing moves. Mary said it was one of the best dances and Tyce said it was totally inspiring. I can’t wait to see more of his moves in Vegas!

Paris Torres performed a contemporary ballet dance to a slowed-down alternative version of Britney’s “Toxic.” Nigel loved her technique, Mary said she had beautiful lines, but I think she could use a bit more energy. Maybe she’ll pump things up a bit in Vegas.
Over in Memphis, Marico Flake introduced the world to “Memphis Jukin’,” a style of dance that features slow-mo fancy footwork. Lil’ C said Marico had great humor and a great personality, but I’m not sure it’ll be enough to carry him all the way in Vegas.

Dustin Dorough, whose second cousin is Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough, performed what he called hip-hop. Nigel said he was delusional and Lil’ C suggested he tried a style of dance called tricking, a mix of hip-hop and martial arts. Needless to say, talent does not run his family.

Chris Carozza tried to amaze the judges with his own brand of dance called electric, but all it really looks like is a bunch of jumping around with crazy arm movements. After Nigel said he wasn’t dancing, Chris tried to walk out before Lil’ C had a chance to say anything and Nigel called Chris rude. He’s not going to Vegas, either.

Finally, in Memphis, there were some identical twins with talent. Lauren and Lydia Guerra impressed the judges with their lyrical dance, but both girls were sent to choreography. No worries, they made it through to Vegas.

But the twins weren’t the only ones with talent. Brothers Evan and Ryan Kaspzark performed totally classic routines. Evan did a jazz routine and Ryan did a comedic tap number. Both made it to Vegas.

In the end, 32 dancers from Miami and 15 from Memphis are going to Viva Las Vegas! Be sure to check out the next episode of SYTYCD next Wednesday at 8 p.m. on FOX!

What did you think of two-part season premiere? Let us know!



by L’Oreal | 2/1/2016