SYTYCD: L.A. and Seattle!

The auditions are over, and from what we saw on Wednesday and last night, we’re in for a great season of SYTYCD!
Last night’s show featured auditions in Los Angeles and Seattle, with Adam Shankman joining Nigel and Mary in L.A. and Mia Michaels taking his spot in the final city.

The L.A. auditions were more of the same – some good, some bad, some tough to watch. Day one gave us some returning dancers, like tapper Bianca Revels and ballroom dancer Asuka Kondoh. They both made it up to Vegas last year, but were cut there. We’ll have to wait and see if they get into the Top 20 this time! Day two was full of some sad stories, like contemporary dancer Amanda Kerby. Her dad’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis 13 years ago provided her dancing with some intense emotional power. She’s headed to Vegas, too – hopefully she’ll make dad proud.

And that was L.A. But the most entertaining part of last night? Seattle. The first day in the rainy city provided only FOUR Vegas-worthy dancers! It was so bad that, at the beginning of the next day, Nigel felt the need to lecture the dancers there to audition. Luckily, there was more talent in Day two…but there was also a returning un-talent: David Soller. If you’ve ever watched SYTYCD before, you know him: the long-haired, glasses- and cutoffs-wearing “dancer” who has auditioned every season. This year, though, the judges mixed it up: he had a dance-off with another...ahem…dancer, Leonid "Wise Leo" Knyshov. Surprisingly, he was passed through to choreography – with the warning that he would not be allowed to audition again after this year.

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by Lisa Brown | 2/1/2016