Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

Rowing is a sport often overlooked by many due to early morning practices, high intensity and blisters you’ll get from the oars. Despite all that, it’s one of the most exciting and intense sports—plus it’s amazing exercise.

I got into rowing when I heard my friends talking about how much they loved being on the crew team. I decided to sign up for a rowing camp at the Naval Academy and I am so glad that I did!
Rowing may look easy, but you have to build a lot of muscle and endurance to compete. Even though it seems like a summer sport, you can row in the fall until it starts to get colder, then erg (aka, work out on an indoor rowing machine) and work on your endurance in the winter and race in the spring.

A typical practice would include your team going down to a boathouse, and working out with your teammates. Sometimes you might do drills where you only row with your arms instead of full body to work on strength. Other times, you might row with one hand or your eyes closed to work on technique—talk about trust!     
Rowing is an incredible sport and I suggest that everyone try it if you have the opportunity (even though you might have to get up at 5 a.m.). If your school doesn’t have a team, check out for local rowing clubs or, do what I did, and go to a rowing camp.

Or, try an ergometer at the gym (make sure to ask for help to get the proper technique). It offers the same benefits of other sports (lots of exercise and fun with teammates!) but is different enough to make it unique. Check it out!


by Becca Cooper | 2/1/2016