SUMMER CONCERT SERIES: Hawthorne Heights' Eron Bucciarelli


Hawthorne Heights...What can we say? We L-O-V-E them! We got a chance to chat with drummer, Eron Bucciarelli. Not only is he adorable, he's totally nice and talented too! Oh yea, the band also puts on an amazing show!

GL: Hi Eron! How’s your Warp Tour going so far?

EB: It’s going great. We’ve been on tour for about a week now, and it’s our second time doing Warp Tour. I think this time around it’s a lot easier on us because we know the routine. We know where catering is every day, we know what time to get in lines…things like that.

GL: Is there a specific thing you like best about Warp Tour?

EB: I’d say the crowds by far. Everyday playing in front of thousands and thousands of people is really, really fun.

GL: What is your favorite song to play live?

EB: My favorite song would probably be “This Is Who We Are”. It always gets a good response.


(Special thanks to Russell at the Cleveland show for the fabulous pics above!)

GL: How do you guys keep the energy up while you’re out on tour?

EB: We just want to put on a good show for our fans. It’s sort of this weird connection you have with the crowd. The more you move around and have fun on stage, the more fun they have. And then the more fun they have, the more fun you have. So you sort of just play off each other.

GL: So who would you say some of your biggest musical influences are?

EB: Personally, I range from classic rock, like Led Zeppelin, Black Saabath kind of stuff to a lot of New York hardcore, post hardcore bands, like Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Quicksand…and a lot of other stuff.

We all listen to different things, but we have a couple bands that we have in common and appreciate. Like, Foo Fighters, Death Cab For A Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, Iron Maiden, etc. We’re all over the map really with the bands we listen to, but I think that’s pretty cool because it gives us a big bag of tricks to pull things out of when we’re writing songs.



Meeting the man behind the music. (Jiae and Eron, Eron and Drea).

GL: What would be one piece of advice you would offer any aspiring musicians?

EB: Practice as much as possible and take lessons. I never really took my lessons very seriously. I always did them only because I knew I had to and just played along with other bands. And now I’m sort of going back and learning basic rudiments. I realize how important they really are. Take your time and practice up as much as possible. And then if you want to be in a band, find other people with like-minded goals as you. Because if you have one person that doesn’t want to be in a professional band then that person is going to keep everybody back.

GL: Last question, do you have any onstage embarrassing moments?

EB: I’ve totally messed up songs before. Like, gone into the chorus before it’s started and that’s embarrassing. You have everyone looking at you wondering what you’re doing.

Micah has ripped his pants while performing on stage. That’s pretty embarrassing for him.

I’ve seen J.T. fall. He’s tripped and fallen straight into my bass drum before. Anytime anyone falls on stage, it’s funny and embarrassing.


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