Secrets to really feeling amazing about your legs


It’s shorts season. Let’s talk leg confidence (and moms).

I grew up with a mom who had serious faith in her gams. She was a swimmer as a kid, rowed crew in college and now walks a million miles a day (because she loves it and, also, to make her FitBit happy). And while she’s self-conscious about some body parts (who isn’t?) she always knew her athleticism could get her through long workouts. No questions about it.

We’re both 5’2”, so it’s not even like we’re blessed with mile-long stems but, even if bikini catalogs might make you feel otherwise, that’s so not a requirement. 

I LOVE all of this about her, and it’s made me think that a big part of being body confident is just believing in the awesome power that you naturally have. So in honor of shorts season and Mother’s Day, here are a few more ways to feel great about those gams.

Accept your shape. So you have thunder thighs/cankles/chicken legs...or whatever else mean girls have made up to make the rest of us feel self-conscious. Get over it, and embrace what you got. Find shorts and sandals that you find flattering and then everyone else can just deal.

Moisturize like mad. My mom always applies baby lotion when she gets out of the shower (gah, so cute, she’s the best). I have super sensitive skin, so if I’ve shaved my legs, I can’t apply lotion for, like, days. Instead, I shave with coconut oil, which leaves my skin smooth and not at all chalky.

Exercise. As a shortie, I know I’m never gonna have a ballerina bod, but I’ve run a few half-marathons, can kick butt on the field hockey turf and spin like crazy. Working out makes me feel good about, well, everything. 

Ignore the imperfections. We already talked about accepting your shape, but I mean everything else: that scar from the time you fell while trying to climb a fence, a birthmark, the constant nicks from shaving because, ugh, razors are annoying. No one notices that stuff.

(Side note: I texted a fellow dark-haired friend the other day and was like, “Um, when you shave in the morning and do you have stubble by noon?” And she goes, “11:30 shadow :)” The stubble struggle is real, but no one can see it.)

What did your mom teach you about body confidence? Are you feeling set for spring skirts and shorts? Anyone else just not shave their thighs because who cares? Answers go in the comments below.


by Katie A. | 2/1/2016