Wear your fangirl on your fingertips with these nerdy nail art tutorials

You may think the only way to show your fan love for books and movies is through a t-shirt or by writing some fan fiction. But what about geeking out with some nail art inspired by your favorite characters? We’ve rounded up the best tutorials for how to flaunt your fave fandom on your fingers.

Would you rock any of these fangirl manis? What's your fave fandom? Let us know below!

  • n1.png
    Harry Potter

    Accio nail art pen!  For your most magical mani ever, put Harry and all his friends (and enemies) on your tips.  Find out how HERE.

  • n2.png

    Miyazaki animation fans will love having the world’s cutest neighbors on their nails.  For step-by-step pictures, click HERE.

  • n3.png
    Alice in Wonderland

    Celebrate your un-birthday with these Wonderland-inspired nails. They’ll leave everyone who sees ‘em smiling like the Cheshire Cat.  Watch this vid to learn how HERE.

  • n4.png
    The Hunger Games

    Girl, you’ll be on fire with this fab Hunger Games mani.  Trust us, it’ll start a revolution.  Learn more HERE.

  • n5.png

    Catch ‘em all with these adorable Pikachu nails! They’ll have everyone from here to Pallet Town buzzing. Watch the video tutorial HERE.

  • n6.png

    Get your game on with this classic character at your fingertips. Watch the how-to video HERE.

  • n7.png
    Disney Princess

    Enter a whole new world of nail art possibilities with adorable princess nails. Learn how HERE.


by Katy Herman | 2/1/2016