4 fun (and simple) ways to dye your hair this summer

Beachy waves or a messy bun? No matter your answer, it might be time to spice up your hair this summer. Dyeing your hair is a little intimating, but summer is the best time of the year to try new things! No school and fewer responsibilities = the perf time to venture out of your comfort zone. We've put together four adorable ways to dye your hair this season.


Funky blue tips

Try out one color on just your tips if you're nervous about dyeing all your hair at once. (Blue looks totally stunning in the summer and perfect for beach pictures!) Coloring just the bottom of your hair is super easy at home, too—ofc, with a parent around. 


Cutesy light pink 

If you're okay with going all in, then pink is always the way to go. If you have lighter hair, pink goes well without bleach! These sunshine vibes are a must-have. Not to mention—it'll go perfect with your pastel summer wardrobe. 


Full purple moment

This is another super cute option if dyeing all your hair is your thing! Go full purple in the beginning, and by the end of summer your hair will have faded into a misty lilac. Super *magical* vibes! 


Hot pink streaks

Want something simple but not a huge commitment? Rock these hot pink streaks all summer long. You'll be giving total Y2K Avril Lavigne vibes. Blast "Complicated" by the 2000s pop-punk queen and pair will Doc Martens. 

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by Kelly Schwint | 6/24/2022