Level up your self-care Sunday with these DIY face masks

Self-care doesn't *always* have to be basic (hello, DIYs!). It's time to ditch the store-bought facial scrubs and try to make something fresh and new. No more buying products just to decide you don't actually like them. (Retail therapy doesn't always work—trust us.) We got you covered with all the best face mask recipes you need to try.

Relaxation is key

Goodbye stress and hello calmness. To reach the ultimate relief of stress, all you need to do is mix yogurt, cucumbers and honey. Don't forget to mash the cucumbers! You'll have yourself a fresh smelling and skin-smoothing mask.


Exfoliating *can* be soothing

Sugar and honey = perfectly exfoliated skin. Mix those two ingredients and add your favorite essential oil. We totally recommend lavender—it smells good *and* is great for your skin. 


Moisturizing for days 

The summer is no time to have dry skin—we're all about that glowy ~sunshine~ look. Gather some coconut oil and cocoa powder, and you've got yourself a super creamy moisturizer to fight dry skin.

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by Kelly Schwint | 5/29/2022