5 easy ways to rock the bubble braid hair trend

Our fave hair trend right now? Bubble braids. By now, you've probably seen them taking over your Instagram feed, and with good reason: They're adorable.

If they're not already on your list of go-to braids, they should be. They're super easy to style, totally on-trend and a sure way to elevate your hairstyle. Here are five looks to get you started.

1. High pony


The high pony is a true classic! Not only is it super cute, but it's also perfect for those Mondays when you sleep through your alarm clock and only have five minutes before the bus pulls up in front of your driveway (oops, been there). It only takes seconds and looks totally put together.

2. Low pony


The low-pony look is a great alternative for all you on Team Clean Girl Aesthetic (which we love, btw). Elevate this look with a middle part, slicked-back flyaways, dewy skin and a neutral wardrobe.

3. Face-framing strands


Another fab solution to flyaways? The classic face frame, which ties back just the very front strands of your hair. This style truly works for any occasion and is a great way to rock the trend while wearing your hair down. (Fair warning: You might need a *lot* of elastics for this one.)

4. Half-up, half-down


The half-up, half-down style looks adorable on all hair lengths—but for short-haired girlies, *this* is the look you'll want to save. You might not be able to get all of your hair into one ponytail, but while you're waiting for it to grow out, a half-up look will keep your locks photo-ready and out of your face.

5. Pigtails


Pigtails are another way to master the bubble braid trend with minimal effort. Srsly, this look is *so* quick and easy! Whether you're on the beach, walking through the city or hanging out at home, we're confident this hairstyle is just what your look needs.

Now it's time to pick your fave look and try it out! And when you're done styling, we have all the photo inspo you need to make your new fave hairstyle Insta-official.

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Slider and top image: @kristennroy


by Melanie Dowling | 2/2/2023