How to get the TikTok clean girl aesthetic

A trendy look has made its way to our TikTok For You pages: the clean girl aesthetic. This minimalistic aesthetic has transformed into an entire lifestyle focused on natural-looking beauty, neutral tones and being effortlessly put-together. It's like a breath of fresh air!

The clean girl aesthetic is all about fresh scents, sleek hairstyles, hydrated skin and no-makeup makeup (think: Hailey Bieber). But this seemingly "easy" look can actually be difficult to achieve. That's why we've rounded up a list of all the products you need to get your clean girl glow on.


Sephora, $76

Smelling like you just stepped out of a bubble bath? You can't get more clean girl than that. This perfume features notes of soap, rose, light musk and coconut—resulting in a fresh scent perfect for all occasions. It gives allll the luxurious day spa vibes. 

Amazon, $48

This lavender and vanilla fragrance is just how it sounds, soft and peaceful. The *best* part... it's completely natural and made with essential oils! This means there are no parabens and it's vegan and cruelty-free. There's no better combo than feeling and smelling good. 


Amazon, $10

This inexpensive wax stick took TikTok by storm when everyone saw how it tames even the craziest of flyaways. It's perfect for greasy hair days when you are short on time but still want a super sleek updo. Just gather your hair in a tight bun and apply the SNTE stick directly to all your baby hairs. Yep, just like magic!

Ulta, $10

Tired of boring black hair ties? Look no further: This gold pin is super chic. It's the cutest addition to any slicked-back hairstyle (think: middle part buns or half-up half-down ponytails).


Amazon, $13

The clean girl look is all about hydrated skin, so it's important to use a daily moisturizer. Apply Curél Hydratherapy Moisturizer directly to wet skin in the shower, so no need to rinse or wait to dry. Say hello to silky skin and shortened morning routines!

Amazon, $24

If you're seeking a glowy and hydrated look, don't forget your lips. (Bc lips always need some TLC‚—especially during the winter.) This Laneige lip mask is beloved for a reason. Plus, all the scents are beyond yummy.


Ulta, $36

These bronzing drops are another TikTok fave (and for good reason). Just combine a small amount with your face moisturizer for an instantly even and smooth complexion. The flattering bronze shade adds warmth without the sun's harsh effects. 

Ulta, $26

The clean girls are all rocking feathered and natural-looking brows. No matter your brow size or color, this tinted and volumizing gel is quick and easy to apply. Not to mention that it keeps your brows in check all day. 

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Slider image: @haileybieber
Top image: @k.els.e.y


by Maddy Phillips | 1/26/2023