Behold: Our 2023 Spring Beauty Award winners

We happen to know a thing or two about smooth skin, healthy hair and lush lashes—and now we're breaking down the best of beauty so you can slay those spring trends one TikTok tutorial at a time. Check out these pretty picks...then enter to win them all HERE!


Avarelle Gunk Out Patch, $15

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN A hydrocolloid patch that safeguards skin *and* treats your pimple at the same time? It's the zit sticker you've been waiting for. Just place one on a ready-to-pop spot to soothe and shrink acne ASAP.
WHY WE LOVE IT Avarelle Gunk Out Patches are enhanced with blemish-busting tea tree and soothing cica. Plus, the extra-thick design means maximum adhesion + absorption of your peskiest pimples. Clearer skin, coming right up.


Brazilian Bare Juicy Blueberry Exfoliating Shave Syrup, $13

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Shaving can be a drag—literally. To help your razor glide gently on skin (buh-bye cuts and nicks), apply Brazilian Bare's Juicy Blueberry Exfoliating Shave Syrup to exfoliate while you remove hair.
WHY WE LOVE IT This fruity-fresh gel contains vitamin A and E microspheres that eliminate irritation, slough away dead skin cells and protect against razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Just a quarter-sized drop does the job, so you can say hello to the oh-so-soft skin.


I-Envy Mink Impact Lashes #01, $4

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Elevate everyday looks or go for all-out glam with this fab pair of falsies. This set seriously plays up the plush factor, so you can bring the perfect dose of drama to your Friday night fit.
WHY WE LOVE IT I-Envy Mink Impact Lashes are made from 100% vegan mink (*so* here for cruelty-free). The result? A voluminous, 3D effect. Your fave mascara could never.


Date My Make-Up Makeup and Skincare Expiration Labels, $25

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Guilty of using beauty products way past their prime? Same. These nifty expiration labels are a must-have for your makeup bag. Simply jot down the best-by date on one of these super cute stickers and pop on your go-to GRWM items as a reminder to renew (click here to learn exactly when to toss that gloss).
WHY WE LOVE IT Expired makeup doesn't just take up space in your beauty drawer—it can wreak havoc on your skin, too (icky bacteria = not the move). Date My Make-Up labels are durable, waterproof and long-lasting, so you don't have to wonder "when did I buy this?" ever again.


RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, $50

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN This spring's top trend? Stronger, longer-looking eyelashes. Enter: RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, specifically designed to boost the protein content of lash hair—so you can rock bold lashes au naturel.
WHY WE LOVE IT RapidLash's unique formula, with goodies like biotin and B vitamins, works wonders—seriously. Just apply the serum to the base of your upper lash line once daily and score increased definition, shine and strength in as little as a week.


Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel, $5

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Pimple problems? Say goodbye to blackheads with a fast-acting gel that targets bacteria (and reduces the appearance of acne) in as little as five hours.
WHY WE LOVE IT This max-strength 10% benzoyl peroxide formula means business. Zapzyt penetrates deep into your pores while water-based ingredients prevent irritation (no overdrying alcohol here!)—so you can take on the day with your best face forward.


PopBeauty Eye Snatched Hydrogel Eye Mask, $10

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN You stayed up wayyy too late cramming for that history exam (been there, bb), and now your eyes most definitely need a wake-up call. PopBeauty's got the fix: an ultra-smoothing hydrogel mask.
WHY WE LOVE IT Hyaluronic acid is pretty much the MVP of hydration. With caffeine to depuff (bye, baggy eyes) and licorice to even skin tone, this mask packs a serious punch for your peepers.


TBH Kids Pimple Patches, $8

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Waking up to a whitehead the day before Spring Fling is ~not~ the vibe. But with TBH Kids Pimple Patches, you save your skin (and prevent picking) just in time for the squad photo shoot. Smile big, sis.
WHY WE LOVE IT Popping pimples might seem satisfying, but squeezing those spots actually aggravates your skin even more. The quick fix? Place a patch over your blemish before bed and enjoy noticeably soothed skin in the morning.


Sun In Hair Lightener Lemon Fresh, $4

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN If you're dreaming of summer days (ugh, vacay can't come soon enough), you need this strand shiner in your life right now. Sun In brightens hair gently, so you can sport a sun-kissed style...without the damage. 
WHY WE LOVE IT Sun In's DIY highlight strengthens and protects your tresses with good-for-you ingredients like aloe, chamomile, marigold and flaxseed. Plus, it's free of parabens and alcohol. Did we mention the citrus-y scent? A few spritzes and you're golden, girl.


Red by Kiss Edge Cara, $6, and Red by Kiss Fashion Edge Band, $10

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Elevate your edges with the Red by Kiss Edge Cara styling tool. Use the bristle brush to smooth down stray hairs, then lock in your look with the sweetly scented Biotin B7-infused Edge Fixer Gel. Set with the Red by Kiss Fashion Edge Band for all-day perfection, pls.
WHY WE LOVE IT This 4-in-1 brush, comb, wand and edge-fixer guarantees great hair days on the reg. And hair pros know that an edge band in your lineup keeps locks in place during your morning routine...and beyond.


Kinky-Curly Hair Care Products Curling Custard, $17

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Nourish your curls with a holy grail hair product that styles, elongates and soothes. Thanks to Kinky-Curly, your tresses are about to enjoy some much-deserved definition. 
WHY WE LOVE IT Kinky-Curly's Curling Custard reduces frizz and moisturizes your mane, leaving you with a brilliant shine and strengthened strands after every use. Its advanced botanical formula brings out natural curl and wave patterns you never knew you had.


Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish, $10

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Why limit yourself to one look when you can slay two shades at once? Del Sol's Color-Changing Nail Polish transforms in the sun so you can switch up your mani at a moment's notice.
WHY WE LOVE IT Del Sol's signature Spectrachrome molecules reveal a brand new outdoor color when exposed to sunlight. And when you're ready to return to that OG hue? Simply step back inside.


OGX Extra Strength Agran Oil of Morocco Shampoo, $8, and OGX Extra Strength Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner, $8

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Elevate your everything shower with a shampoo and conditioner combo designed to revive tired tresses (if you're guilty of heat styling, raise your hand) as well as prevent future breakage. The irresistible scent (coconut milk + tangerine + warm vanilla) makes each lather a luxe experience.
WHY WE LOVE IT OGX swaps parabens (aka ultra-drying preservatives) for Moroccan argan oil, a hydrating ingredient your hair totally hearts. Water-based silk proteins work double time to repair damage, giving you a salon-worthy shine with every shampoo.


Face Reality Sulfur Spot Treatment, $29

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN If you hear the word sulfur and think periodic tables, not pimples, we have breaking beauty news: Sulfur is actually an amazing soothing agent that clears up blemishes and helps skin heal. Now who's getting an A+ in science *and* skincare?
WHY WE LOVE IT Face Reality's Sulfur Spot Treatment doesn't have the typical pink cast—and dries super quickly, too. Plus, sulfur is gentle on skin, so it's perfect for sensitive sweeties.


MyKirei by Kao Paw Print Foam Hand Soap, $18

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN This ultra-rich hand soap is quite literally as soft as a cloud. Japanese yuzu fruit extract plus soothing rice water guarantees a nourishing and squeaky-clean rinse (bc clean hands are happy hands).
WHY WE LOVE IT MyKirei by Kao foam soap dispenses a paw print shape with every pump. (It's the little things, ya know?) Pair this adorableness with MyKirei by Kao's fresh citrus scent and you'll have a smile in a bottle every time you suds up.

Which product are you adding to your beauty bag rn? Tag us in your hauls on Insta for a chance to get featured @girlslifemag and enter our Beauty Awards giveaway HERE!


by GL | 3/26/2023