Are you a makeup minimalist or maximalist?

Less is more...or more is more. It's a choose-your-own adventure kind of thing.

Spring 2023 is for the makeup girlies, with runway-inspired looks ranging from the barely there to totally avant-garde. Whether you're all over Vanilla Girl neutral or you've just settled on big, bold everything this season, the verdict is in: You're about to rock these trends...your way.

Trend: Defined lash line

Adding extra oomph to your eyes is an easy way to make an impact. Keep your complexion fresh and simple and let the eyes stand out.


Make it Minimalist: Apply a soft kohl eyeliner under your lower lash line and along your upper lash line, then smudge the liner with your finger or a dense shadow brush, says makeup artist Danni Katz. This will create a smoky, shadow-like line that really enhances your eyes. You can use any color liner like black, navy, aubergine or gray, says makeup artist Vittorio Masecchia.
Try: Milani Supreme Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in Blackest Black, $8


Make it Maximalist: To create this clever twist on the siren look, outline your entire eye with a black liner pencil, crossing the lines at your inner corner. Use the same pencil in your top and bottom waterlines, suggest Masecchia. Then, layer a gel eyeliner over the pencil liner on your lids with a small-angled brush to make the pigment really pop.
Try: Melt Cosmetics Ultra Matte Gel Eyeliner, $22

Trend: Moody lip

There is nothing like a dark lip to spice up a spring look. Wednesday Addams would approve.


Make it Minimalist: If you're not a huge lipstick person, this is the trend for you. Grab a cool-toned brown or berry lip balm to create a soft, standout look, says Katz. Just swipe it on—you don't even need a mirror.
Try: Ilia Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm, $28


Make it Maximalist: The best trick for a super bold lip is lip liner, says Katz. Fill your entire pout with liner before applying a matte liquid lipstick. For extra definition (and to keep the color from smudging), apply a bit of powder foundation around your lips, suggests Masecchia.
Try: L.A. Colors Lipliner Pencil in Smooth Plum, $6

Trend: Super glowy skin

Hailey Bieber's glazed doughnut manicure had a huge moment last year—now it's time to glaze your skin, too.


Make it Minimalist: For a subtle glow, start with skincare, says Katz. Buff away any dead, dull skin with an exfoliator, then apply a rich moisturizer and layer a face oil over top. Lightly cover any blemishes with some concealer, then you're good to go.
Try: Florence by Mills Dreamy Dew Oil-Free Moisturizer, $16


Make it Maximalist: To amp up your glow, apply a liquid or cream highlighter with your fingers or a brush on the areas you want to bring attention to, like your cheeks or the inner corners of your eyes, says Katz. Then, layer a powder highlighter on top to make it super bright and reflective.
Try: Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Face and Body Glass in Pixie Dream, $32

Trend: Orchid eyes

Pretty pastels are a must for spring. This perfect purple gives a beautiful splash of color on any skin tone.


Make it Minimalist: No need to fuss with shadows and brushes—just apply a purple liner to the inner rim of your lower lash line and continue the line straight out from the outer edge for a little flick, says Masecchia. Finish the look with a coat of black mascara on your upper and lower lashes.
Try: Anatasia Beverly Hills Norvina Chroma Stix in Violet, $18


Make it Maximalist: "Use a base to make the shadow color pop," says Masecchia. Apply a shadow primer all over your lids before patting powder pigment on top with a dense shadow brush. Diffuse the edges a bit by blending with a clean, fluffy brush.
Try: P.Louise Coloured Base in Vivid Violet, $13

Trend: Statement brows

Brows can go beyond just gel—get creative with this underrated real estate on your face.


Make it Minimalist: Katz likes to use pearlescent shades to define the arch and highlight the brow bone. Simply apply a creamy pearlescent shadow under the outer two-thirds of your brows and blend it with your finger.
Try: Nyx Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil All-In-One Eyeshadow Eyeliner Pencil in Cottage Cheese, $6


Make it Maximalist: OK, this look is pretty eye-catching—and perfect for a party. Add some glitter gel to a clean spoolie (snag 'em at the drugstore) and comb it through the hairs. Keep layering until you get the coverage you want, then gently brush away any rogue glitter with another clean spoolie.
Try: Unicorn Snot Holographic Glitter Gel in Flamingo, $14

Trend: Barbie blush

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and girly pink is so iconic for this really can't go wrong.


Make it Minimalist: Pop some pink on the apples of your cheeks for a healthy flush. Apply a cream blush with your fingers so the warmth of your hands help melt the product right into your skin. And if you ever go overboard, tone it down with a little foundation on top, Katz suggests.
Try: Makeup Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blush in You Had Me at First Blush, $7


Make it Maximalist: Take your blush to the next level by extending the color toward your eyes. Apply it on top of your cheekbones then up to your temples like you normally would with highlighter. Finish by adding some blush to the inner corners of your eyes or on your lids.
Try: Patrick Ta Major Beauty Headlines Double-Take Creme & Powder Blush in She's a Doll, $34

Trend: Glossy kiss

Nothing brings on the warm-weather vibes like a popsicle-stained lip.

@ullajohnson photographed by @tomkellyslack

Make it Minimalist: Lip oils are all the rage, says Katz. Swipe on a juicy berry or tangerine shade, concentrating on the inner part of your lips to create an ombre effect. Add a little bit of the same lip oil to your cheeks to finish the look.
Try: Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss in Fire, $16


Make it Maximalist: For a bold, glossy lip, reach for a lip lacquer. It acts like a long-wear lipstick while staying shiny all day. Apply it carefully to keep the line of your lip really crisp (touch up any mistakes with some micellar water).
Try: Haus Labs by Lady Gaga Atomic Shake Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Chine, $26

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by Erin Reimel | 4/15/2023