Everything you need to know about false eyelashes

Consider mascara your training wheels: Sure, it adds some fullness and length to your lashes, but you just know there's gotta be more. That's where fake lashes come in. Finding the right pair and putting them on takes some getting used to, but once you figure it out, it's like riding a bike.

The lashes on your fave celebrity? Probably fake. Sorry, but if someone's rocking drool-worthy flutter, chances are they're getting a li'l help in the form of lash extensions or strip lashes. 

The good news is you don't need to have a glam squad on speed dial to perfect your lashes. With easier-than-ever-to-apply strips (and our demystified step-by-step tutorial), you're about to be batting a thousand. 


First, figure out the look you're going for: Want something dramatic and eye-catching? Longer and fuller lashes are your best bet. Just want a little oomph? A subtle "natural" pair is the way to go.

And consider this: "If you have a lot of space between your lash line and brows, you can usually pull off the longer, thicker styles," reveals Sephora beauty director Helen Dagdag. However, if your lash line isn't super far from your arches, "start with the shortest version you can find—they will look more dramatic than you think and won't hit your brows." 


Whichever style you choose (look below for your perfect pair), be sure the length of the band—whether you're using a full strip or half—fits your eye. (When a lash band is too long, it can feel super uncomfortable, or it just won't stick as well.) 

"Use your own lashes as a guide for length," explains Dagdag. Before applying any glue, hold the lashes up to your own and use your fingernail to mark the spot that needs to be trimmed, then snip any excess with scissors. 



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Both Dagdag and Ann McFerran, CEO and co-founder of lash brand Glamnetic, agree that before you apply your fake lashes, you should curl your own and swipe on some mascara. "It helps you blend the fake lashes into your natural lashes," says McFerran.


Now it's time for the most important part—getting your lashes to sit and stay on your lash line. If you're going the glue route, Dagdag recommends a white version that dries clear. It's best for beginners because "it sets a little more slowly, so you have time to adjust the application and see how close you are to your own lashes." 

Brush the glue onto the band and wiggle it back and forth for about 15 seconds.


"When applying the lash, look down at a mirror below your chin," recommends McFerran, and apply your faux fringe just above your lash line. "Looking down will prevent you from hitting your natural lashes when you're gluing or magnetizing your lashes." 

When you look straight on, your own lashes are more likely to get in the way. If you're having trouble getting the placement right, enlist the help of some tweezers or a lash applicator tool. Now it's time to flaunt some serious faux flutter. 


Pick the perfect pair, then, um, stick the application process. 


Sephora Collection Vegan False Eyelashes in Irresistible, $10

Sephora's house brand offers a few different styles, but the Irresistible pair is a good starting point. It's like the Goldilocks of lashes: Not too long. Not too thick. It's just right. 


Glamnetic Princess Half Lash, $25

These add just enough oomph to the outer corners of your eyes. Simply swipe on some liner and let the magnets do their thing.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina False Bottom Lashes, $12

Once you've got the top lashes down, give some bottom ones a try. Wearing upper and lower lashes makes for a round, doll-eye look.


Ardell Duo Brush-On Adhesive, $7

This glue has a white guide color so you can see where you applied it on the band, but it dries without a trace.


Kiss Magnetic Liner, $8

It applies like any other pen liquid liner, but its magic is in the undetectable magnetic formula that grips your faux lashes sans glue.


LoveSeen The Lash Tool, $18

This lash-shaped tweezer holds onto strips, allowing you to place the band on your lid with ease. 

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by Lisa DeSantis | 12/8/2023