The perfect makeup look for every Valentine's Day vibe

Whether the bells are ringing or the tissues and rom-coms are making a cameo, we can pretty much guarantee that there's a vibe for everyone this Valentine's Day. And whatever the conversation hearts are spelling out (totally feeding into your delusions, hyping you up or crushing your spirits), you can always find the perfect makeup look for any sitch. After all, a little glam never hurt anyone. 

Sweetheart: Blush and gloss galore


For all you sweethearts in your lover girl era, here's a just-as-sweet look for you. Doesn't matter if you're in your cuffing szn or simply kicking your feet over a text from your fave hallway cutie—a sweetheart makeup look is *all* about that blush and gloss. Opt in for some cream or liquid blush, lip balm and sparkling highlight (bc the sparks fly, ofc). For an extra cute touch, draw on some cute freckles with an eyebrow pencil.

Siren: Cat-eyeing 24/7


Watch out world, this siren is out for your heart. Obviously, we *need* some eyeliner for this look—bc what else screams flirty and mysterious? It's totally up to you whether you want to go for a thicker cat-eye or simply a thin, natural line. To finish off, we love a chic matte lip to balance out your bold eyes. 

Healing: "No makeup" makeup 


Calling all girlies in your healing era! If you're focused on self-love this Valentine's Day, the "no makeup" makeup look is the way to go. Whatever this means for you (a simple SPF, eyebrow gel or chapstick), all that matters is that you're taking care of your skin and feeling your best. Brb, starting our 5-step skincare while She's the Man plays in the background...

All Hail the Heartbreaker: Dare to be bold!


If this Valentine's season has got you feeling flirty, firey and free, then you might be stepping into your heartbreaker era. This is a *perfect* time to spice up your look with a bold red lip stain and a volumizing mascara. Take it a step further with some well-blended contour and fluffy lashes (like these ones from Eyelure). Finally, complete your crush-worthy look with loose curls that frame your face. 

Express yourself with androgyny!

Makeup is such an awesome way to explore your identity. If you're feeling a little more androgynous this year, then we've got you covered! All makeup is androgynous in some form or another, but if you'd like to up the ante, try experimenting with a vibrant swipe of eyeshadow (or even glitter!) around your lids. Make it a deconstructed look by swiping upwards towards your hairline. Pair with a clear gloss and keep the rest of the makeup minimal so the shadow can really stand out.

Celestial: You're a star, girl!


Are you feeling like you're on cloud 9 this V-day? Do you feel like this is one of the most magical times of the year? Then you'll love this star-inspired look to compliment your mystical mood. Go for a soft metallic purple shadow and a shimmery pink gloss, with an added dusting of cosmetic-safe loose glitter around your cheeks and on top of your highlighter. Feeling extra otherworldly? A gel-like body glitter spray will make you shine as bright as the stars!

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Slider and top image: @oliviarodrigo


by Anne Chen and Faith Green | 2/7/2024