Your guide to the pink pilates princess aesthetic


Picture this: You're styling a pink athleisure outfit after finishing your fave workout class. Not only do you feel great, but you also look totally cute. Working out can be a pain sometimes, but finding an exercise that you like is key. The pink pilates princess aesthetic is all about the wellness journey, and cultivating this look immediately puts you on the path to self-care. Scroll for all the inspo for embodying this elegant aesthetic.


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To totally embody this aesthetic, your wardrobe needs to be all about the color pink. Ofc, for pilates, a cute pink workout set is an everyday go-to. If you're having a sleepover with your besties, opt for a pink nightgown or sleep set. When getting brunch, throw on a white mini dress with silver jewelry and pink sneakers. The goal is to keep a sophisticated (yet casual) princess look. 


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To look effortlessly chic even in workout clothes, it's essential to always have a cute bag and cool headphones. And while you might not want to wear jewelry during a workout class or on a run, a simple everyday necklace can add to any look.
Pro tip: Never forget your water bottle! 


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The pink pilates princess aesthetic revolves around your wellness journey. Drinking more water, working out and eating healthy are the best ways to achieve this vibe. Feeling good starts on the inside, so taking care of yourself and showing some self-love are steps in the right direction.


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Signing up for a pilates class is great, but this aesthetic is all about the mindset. Take time for yourself, especially on busy days, to do what makes YOU feel good. Nix the endless phone scrolling and find a passion project (Making a vision board for your study space? Perfecting your matcha cookie recipe?) for all your creative energy. At the end of the day, the pink pilates princess aesthetic is a journey to feeling fab—and looking amaze while doing it. We're cheering you on, girl.

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by Kelly Schwint | 9/17/2022