How to layer jewelry like a pro

Layering jewelry seems like a relatively easy thing to do. That is until you actually try it and look like you just rummaged through your grandma's jewelry box and threw on *everything* in there (eek). Follow this guide for layering jewelry pieces to look as chic as your Pinterest board!


The key to making layered necklaces look their best is to pay attention to the length of each chain. Make sure each necklace is a different length so each one can stand out and shine on its own. Start out with a loose choker, then add a locket that hangs a little lower.



The more earrings the better! It can be tricky to know what earrings should go in which piercing, though. A simple tip is that dangly earrings and bigger earrings should stay on your first or second piercing and, as you go up your ear, you should stick to smaller earrings such as studs or ear cuffs. And if you don't have multiple piercings, DW! You can add an ear cuff to the cartilage of your ear to really make your piercings stand out.



Rings can definitely be the most difficult piece of jewelry to layer, but follow this formula and you can't go wrong. The first step? Your rings should have all different heights, thicknesses and designs. Of course, it's great to have some simple pieces to break everything up, but you also need to play with textures and designs to look like a pro.

And don't have the same amount of rings on each finger. Vary their positionings, too. Try adding a ring that sits above your knuckle so it's a different height than the others. It can really elevate a look.



Bracelets are one of the easiest jewelry pieces (phew). Stick to three to five bracelets when layering to look your best. When layering bracelets, make sure to mix up sizes and textures (think: one gold bangle, one wrap bracelet and one simple chain).


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by Alyssa Barnes | 9/28/2022