How to style amethyst this February

HBD February babies! Are you looking for more ways to show off your birthstone? Or if it's not your birth month and you just love all things purple (or are totally obsessed with crystals), here are some jewelry recs to help you incorporate more amethyst into your life ASAP. 

Stud earrings

Simple & Dainty, $34

Start off simple (and yet sooo elegantly) with these tiny amethyst studs. They can be worn on their own or paired with gold hoops. So cute!

Raw gemstone ring

Pura Vida, $20

No two crystals are the same, so each of these rings is unique. Whether you stack it with more rings, mix it up with other crystals or wear it alone, you'll want to rock this gemstone all month long. 

Adjustable bracelet 

SilverPost on Etsy, $15

You can wear this adjustable bracelet in any season. The healing chakra will send you good vibes all day long.

Pendant necklace

Francesca's, $20

We love how this necklace explains your birthstone's meaning. Your inner and outer beauty will shine through whenever you wear this adorable accessory.

Disc drop earrings

Kohl's, $50

These earrings come in such a fun and unique shape! Wear them to embrace your inner zen. 

Heart necklace

GemniaJewelry on Etsy, $30

Embrace a monochrome moment by wearing this pendant with other purple pieces. Bc, honestly—does this color *ever* go out of style? 

How are you showing off your birthstone? Tag us on insta @girlslifemag!

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by Natalie Misyak | 2/21/2023