We found the cutest jewelry inspired by The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty's second season is on its way to give fans another dose of blissful summer aesthetics and irresistibly enthralling teen drama. The place where those two intersect is the jewelry the show features—both stunning for aesthetics and essential for the plot. Namely, Belly's infinity necklace is an ongoing motif and plot device (but it's also just darling). We've compiled some jewelry pieces that fans of the show can sport as a subtle nod to their love for TSITP that are *also* dainty, beachy and (of course) pretty. 


Annie Silver Infinity Chain Bracelet in White Crystal, $44.97

The most quintessential TSITP jewelry item is undeniably the silver infinity necklace that signifies Belly and Conrad's relationship. If you're solidly Team Conrad, you can wear this silver infinity bracelet while watching the season two premiere on July 14. The best part? Unlike Belly's infinity necklace, this bracelet sparkles a little more because of the tiny gems along the curvature of the infinity symbol. 


Velzy, $88

Don't worry Team Jeremiah girlies, there's a jewelry piece for you, too. In the show, Jeremiah gave Belly a charm for her charm bracelet on her 16th birthday, which is enough inspiration to try out a charm necklace. This one from the jewelry shop Logan Tay also screams summer with the flower and pearls, making it safe to say that it would be Belly-approved. 

Debutante pearls

Madison Daisy Gold Pearl Stretch Bracelet in Pink Opal Crystal, $75

Elegance is in this summer. Belly's major moment of elegance in season one was easily her debutante ball look, which showcased pearls galore. This pearl bracelet is a fabulous nod to the look, even if you don't have something as formal to attend as a ball this summer. 

Moon and stars

Luna Ring Set, $55

As we've most recently seen Belly, she was wearing moon and star earrings. Instead, you could go for a delicate ring stack of the moon and the stars. Listen to some Folklore (preferably "August"), rewatch season one a couple more times and get lost in the pages of your breezy summer read between your moon and star rings while you patiently wait to see more of Belly and Conrad. 


Collected Anklet, $38

Mermaidcore might just be *the* trend of the summer, from lavender iridescent fabrics to scale-like sequins. While there may not be any mermaids at Cousins Beach, it's a trend that fits nicely into the world of The Summer I Turned Pretty. This anklet incorporates a lot of different ocean-inspired charms like seashells and sea glass. If you plan on partaking in Belly's mermaid-like night swimming tradition this summer, a trendy anklet like this can help you do so more stylishly. 

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by Kayla Conroy | 7/12/2023