Rebrand your wardrobe with these eco-friendly and cost-effective tips

We all have those pieces in our closet that we haven't picked up in months. Maybe that blouse was part of a microtrend you saw on TikTok, or maybe those jeans were an old style that just don't seem *you* anymore. Whatever it may be, rebranding your wardrobe is a real piece of work. Not to mention, buying an entire new closet seems wasteful (and expensive)! But, it doesn't have to be hard to be stylish and sustainable. 

The fast fashion industry has become more and more popular in recent years, and it often contributes to polluted waters and toxicity while exploiting underpaid workers. As smart consumers, we can do our part to minimize its negative environmental impacts and shop alternatively. But, you don't have to be too hard on yourself (and your budget) by shopping from pricey, sustainable brands all the time. Together, we can do our best to minimize our wasteful shopping habits through a variety of affordable ways. 

The Sorting Method: Keep, Donate, Sell 

The first step to rebranding your closet is getting rid of pieces you don't like. Take three boxes, and label them with "keep," "donate" and "sell." Looking through your closet, first identify the pieces you currently love and add them into your "keep" box.

Next, identify the pieces you know you won't wear anymore. If you have clothes that are from nicer brands but you just don't like them anymore or outgrew them, put them in the "sell" box. This is a cost-effective way to let go of some of the nicer clothes you have. Put the rest of your clothes in the donate box—these are usually old socks, random school t-shirts or lower-quality pieces.


Find a nonprofit donation center

Take your donate box to a local nonprofit donation center like Goodwill, Salvation Army or Working Wardrobes. Alternatively, you could find a women's or homeless shelter (P.S. socks are the most demanded clothing item!). This is a great way to help others while clearing out your closet. 

Utilize apps like Depop or Poshmark 

Time to get selling! You can post your pieces onto social media for sale or join an online marketplace such as Depop or Poshmark. Users of these platforms are typically looking for unique or vintage pieces, so take advantage of your "sell" box and make some money! Ask a parent to help set up your account, and you're all good to go. From making trades and offers to easy shipping, this is a great option to get rid of clothes in a cost-effective way. 

Visit a thrift store or trading post 

Another way to sell your clothes is to take them directly to a trading post like Crossroads Trading or Buffalo Exchange. Typically, a worker will look through your offers and give you cash or store credit in exchange for the pieces they pick. Ask a parent to accompany you since this is a common policy that they have!

While you wait, shop around for unique pieces—it's sometimes easier to find things you like at trading posts. Thrifting your clothes is a great way to find things that match your individual style. 


Refashion old pieces 

Another great way to maximize your closet is to refashion some of your old clothes into a new style you love now. If you're a particularly crafty girlie, this is your time to shine. Whether it's crocheting tops or thrift flipping a skirt into a strapless top, there are endless ways to personalize your style. Look to TikTok or YouTube videos for inspiration and get to designing!

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Slider image: @sydneyserena
Top image: @evameloche


by Anne Chen | 9/3/2023