Yep, your winter wardrobe needs some knitwear

From oversized college sweatshirts to fuzzy everything (socks, gloves, you name it), a winter wardrobe calls for warm, comfy pieces. But your go-to chilly day staple this winter? Knitwear 24/7. No need to just look for sweaters, babe: "Knitwear everywhere" is our official snowy season mantra. It's about to become yours, too...

Tis the season for florals

Flower Cardigan, Cider, $30

We've all been seeing those bold gorgeous flowers on knit cardigans this winter, and we're totally *obsessed.* This Cider pick is a fun way to brighten up your fits and keep you warm.

It's also super versatile—you can quickly throw it on with leggings and a tee before class or pair it with a maxi skirt for a more formal vibe. What better way to make the most of your lighter fall clothes than to layer them with this precious flowery sweater?

Cozy in cable-knit


Anything oversized is immediately an "add to cart" moment and tbh, this cable knit quarter zip is no exception. Aside from adding a little bit of texture to your already dynamic fit, this piece is perfect for those days when it's not quite cold enough to wear a full-on puffer but not hot enough for you to rock a short sleeve on its own.

Whether you're on your way to pick up a peppermint mocha (save us one!), or taking a late-night trip to Target to stock up on gingerbread cookies, this pullover is a must-have. We suggest rocking it with some straight-legged jeans for an on-the-go look or some wide-leg lounge pants for a night-in look. 

Btw, who says you need to stick to the neutrals? This piece comes in eight, bold different colors (the lilac one is seriously ah-dorable).

Sweater weather but make it pants


You already know how amazing sweaters are, so do we really need to convince you that they're just as good in pant form?

We can't think of a better way to embody Christmascore than in this fit. The bright oversized hoodie combo above is super cute, but you can also pair these pants with a henley long-sleeve or a cami tanktop in any color. 

The timeless two-piece


Matching sets in the winter? Yep, knit sets are def a thing and they are just as comfy as they look.

This two-piece skirt and tank set is the move for layering, and can be a convenient option for those days you're struggling to piece together a look for the fashion books. This V-neck tank is paired with a white collared shirt, but that's not your thing, you can add a white turtleneck for those same preppy academia vibes. We suggest topping this fit off with a leather trench coat and sock knee boots.

Ballerina Barbie


Ballerinacore + Barbie pink = our official winter staple. We've been seeing bows *everywhere*, so obvi chilly szn means we're adding them onto our sweaters.

For the ultimate prima ballerina look, you can pair this knit top with pink bottoms, cream or white knit leg warmers and these ultra mini Uggs (and yes, you should literally add bows to your Uggs, too). If it's a little colder than expected, throw on lacy tights, or fleece-lined stockings.

Want more of a nighttime look? Dress this up with a black skirt and tall boots. It's that easy: We just planned your next fit for the Christmas light show. You're welcome!

Cold weather meets cold shoulders

Off Shoulder Sweater, Princess Polly, $58

If you're looking for jewel tones, look no further than this trendy off-the-shoulder serve. It's a staple for your wardrobe, perf for when you need a cute fit, but you're not trying to freeze. For a more casual look, you can pair it with jeans and cool belt. For a dinner on the town with your friends, glow it up with a skirt or leather pants. With this look, you'll have the whole squad asking for fashion recs.

Knit leg warmers


Newsflash: The classic '80s leg warmers are back in fashion this winter. If you're a skirt girlie looking to survive the chill, look no further. These leg warmers pair perfectly with heeled Mary Janes or chunky loafers for a more sophisticated look. Go for flats or kitten heels if you're leaning into a ballerinacore vibe. 

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Top Image: @edikted
Slider Image: @_dezsmith


by Madi Willoughby and Annika Chaves | 12/11/2023