Eco Chic: Celebrate Earth Day In Style!

Here at GL, we’re psyched to celebrate Earth Day. This year, dress the part and turn your wardrobe totally green. Our faves are good for the planet and go easy on your pocket. Whether you wanna wear your earth-love on your sleeve with a flower power tee or quietly show your support with a dainty bracelet, we’ve got plenty of picks you’ll definitely dig.
Not only are these tees made from completely natural, eco-friendly fabrics, but they're designed by orphans in Africa. When you purchase one, proceeds go towards helping these kids.
This belt is made from coconut wood which is natural, sustainable and super-cute. Um, aloha!
This gorg cuff bracelet is fair trade. That means there are fair relationship between business partners and environmentally sustainable practices. So responsible.
Forever21 will plant a tree for every one of these green-girl totes sold. Grab this cute carryall the next time you go shopping instead of paper or plastic bags.
Go Green Tote, $2,
-Jess Hofmann

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4/20/2009 1:28:00 PM