Ariana Grande is rehearsing for her tour with Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies

Ariana Grande's got her big Honeymoon Tour coming up in a month and it's clear from her Instagram and Twitter that she's been hard at work rehearsing. Yesterday, Ari even brought in two very special guests to make sure her performance was just right.

Two of Ariana's Victorious costars (and her best friends), Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies, were the "first honeymoon tour audience" according to Ari's Instagram post. It seems like the two were invited over to get a sneak peek and give the show an early review. We love that Ari wanted her BFFs to see her performance first and we think it's so cool that Cat, Jade, and Robbie are still buds in real life.

What do you think about Ari giving Matt and Liz a special preview? When you hang out with old friends you haven't seen n a while, what do you do? Let us know in the comments. 

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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016