5 things you need to know about Becky G in the new Saban's Power Rangers

To say that singer and actress Becky G landed an *amazing* and fitting role for her first feature film is an understatement.

In just a few days on March 24, Becky will hit the big screen as Trini (aka Yellow Ranger) in Saban's Power Rangers. The 20-year-old is beyond thrilled to take on the role for one very sentimental reason: Yellow Ranger was her fave as a kid!

For six other need-to-know facts about Becky G, Yellow Ranger and Power Rangers, read on!

1. She auditioned for the role of Trini via self-tape using a scene from The Breakfast Club—while she was on tour!

"I did it, I sent it over and a couple days later I’m on the tour bus and my manager calls me and is like, 'Girl, they love you!' and I was like, 'What?!' and she was like, 'Yeah, the people from Power Rangers!' and I was like 'Wait, when did this happen? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.' That’s what the self-tape was for—I had no idea!"

2. The cast clicked right away

"The first day when we met for the first time, oh my god, it was instant chemistry. We hit it off. Right away, me and Naomi [Scott, Pink Ranger] had that sisterhood locked up. I really do owe it to the cast for being so helpful and making me feel so comfortable."

3. She used to "play" Yellow Ranger when she was little...

"I know this sounds super cheesy, but I wanted to be Yellow Ranger, like, specifically the yellow one. That was a childhood dream for me. Instead of playing house or teacher with my cousins, we’d be like, 'Let’s play Power Rangers, and who’s gonna be what ranger?' Of course they all wanted to be Pink Ranger, but my favorite was Yellow Ranger. Now I actually am and it’s pretty cool!"

4. ...but the actual Ranger suit was *intense*!

"It was layers on top of layers and they just kept getting tighter and tighter and it was so hard to move in it. Little did we know that the first fitting was going to take three hours! I remember I went into it and I was starving and just thinking, 'Oh, I can get some food afterward.' Man, I was wrong!"

5. The movie's representation is 💯

"There’s a lot that these kids are going to look at and be able to say, 'That person looks like me,' 'I feel like this person,' and 'This character resonates with me' and, honestly, that’s what’s really awesome about it." 

6. She's loves being a role model for younger girls

"I know some people out there would be like, 'Well it’s not really my responsibility, I’m just here to do my job.' But for me, part of that job is knowing what you’re signing up for at the end of the day and I signed up to be a superhero—and not just in a movie."

Check out a trailer for the film below!

Pssst! On page 10 of our brand new April/May issue, keep your eyes peeled for the special spot about the upcoming flick! Ignore that line about Lord Zedd—the rangers are *actually* facing off against an otherworldly alien threatening to take out the planet. OMG!

Are you excited to see Becky G in Saban's Power Rangers? Which Power Ranger is your favorite? Sound off below!

Photo credit: Kimberly French

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by Sydney Adamson | 3/19/2017