All the drama surrounding Selena Gomez’s new song

Selena Gomez burst back onto the scene today with a new song and another round of Justin Bieber drama! You see, Sel's latest single, "Lose You To Love Me," is a heartfelt, emotional breakup song with some not-so-subtle lyrics. Two lines in particular have, like, everyone convinced this tune is a blatant Bieber jab. 

In one verse, Selena sings: "I saw the signs and I ignored it/Rose-colored glasses all distorted/Set fire to my purpose/And I let it burn." The choice of words is especially symbolic because Justin released an album called Purpose in 2015. Plus, later in the song, Selena gripes about an ex who replaced her "in two months," which Jelena sleuths believe is a reference to the fact that Selena and Justin broke up in March 2018, and Justin and Hailey Baldwin were spotted together about two months later in June. 

As if that wasn't enough, Hailey seemingly threw her hat into the ring when she posted an Insta story referencing the Summer Walker song "I'll Kill You" in  the same hour as Selena's drop. A threat to her new husband's ex? Not-so-fast, according to Hailey. She commented to Just Jared that the whole story is "nonsense."


Whether or not the song was inspired by Justin, Selena's intent on taking the high road. She posted the below to her Insta stories, revealing to fans that no one can bring her down. 

Another plus for Selena? She has mega star BFFs who have her back—just look at what Taylor Swift posted today about "Lose You to Love Me."


Do you think the song is definitely about Justin? Let us know in the comments!



by Jacqueline F. | 10/23/2019