Everything you need to know about Lizzy McAlpine

Searching for some love and heartbreak songs to add to your playlist? Get ready to add this talented singer-songwriter to your list! 22-year-old Lizzy McAlpine is here to take hold of us with her beautifully catchy songs we'll admit have been on replay lately.

Not only will you find her lyrics stuck in your head after just one listen, but her music videos are the perfect addition to the songs. She manages to create some amazing concepts for each song—plus the "to be continued" at the end has us on the edge of our seats (we're *so* ready for the rest).

When it comes to Lizzy's lyrics, her concepts tend to be so unique, yet perfectly relatable. She manages to pick these small moments from relationships that are often overlooked in music. Her sound resembles Phoebe Bridgers and Holly Humberstone.

Her past songs were more light and soft, creating a comforting, hug-like energy. Lizzy's latest songs keep that but add a bigger sound and buildup that makes you want to dance—and makes them oh-so-catchy!

Lizzy's personality is also a huge plus. She's like that cool and funny friend we all love. We especially love how her Insta tends to show us more of her real life, including some cool photo dumps from everyday life or tour.

A little history...

Lizzy is from Philadelphia, Pa. She grew up loving music from a young age and went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston—until she withdrew to focus on music full-time. In 2019, she wrote her first album, Give Me A Minute, following a heartbreak while studying abroad in Spain. (A classmate from Berklee actually helped her produce it!) Then, in April 2021, she released When the World Stopped Moving: The Live EP.

Like many new artists these days, Lizzy was able to grow her audience through TikTok and Instagram. One of her early videos that blew up was one including an unreleased song.

@lizzymcalpine shoutout to my ex who ruined the 1975 for me.... hope u see this and feel bad #original_sound #originalsong #1975 #ex ♬ original sound - lizzy

The last couple of months...

Last year in October, Lizzy began her new era of music by releasing "doomsday." Then, in November things got even more exciting as she made her late-night debut—performing "erase me" on Jimmy Kimmel Live


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Since then, she's also performed on Ellen. Right now, Lizzy just finished a tour, opening for Dodie. If you enjoy vlogs, you'll definitely want to check out her tour vids!


Her iconic style...

We're *totally* loving her outfits and pretty much want to recreate every single one. She's got a mix of a bold and edgy vibe going on, yet still keeps it soft and romantic with some cute corsets. Here are three of our fave looks of hers:

If you're loving everything you've read so far, get excited! Her second album, titled five seconds flat, is coming out today (April 8!). Plus, the 14 songs will be accompanied by a short film (also written by her!). We suggest you start the journey by watching her music videos so far—starting with this one for "doomsday."

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by Alaina Cintron | 4/8/2022