Chloe Lilac will be your newest music obsession

If the name Chloe Lilac doesn't ring a bell—DW, you're in for a musical treat. Perfect for fans of Olivia Rodrigo and Maggie Lindemann, this pop-punk princess blends pop and alternative with amazing vocals, edgy bass riffs and heart-crushing lyrics. Pull up your Spotify now, because you'll definitely want to add Chloe Lilac to your queue. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Chloe takes inspiration from New York City, from the architecture to the people. She started writing music at age 8 while in a band with some friends. Then, at age 12, she began producing music on GarageBand and releasing it on SoundCloud. (Hello, young prodigy!) 

Chloe started homeschooling after going through a rough time with mental health. Although it might be difficult to continue releasing vulnerable music, she stuck with music.

Then, a music label discovered her at age 14, and her career started moving in a better direction, and so did her personal life. Her music team pushed her to get help for her internal struggles while also giving her a healthy outlet to let out her emotions through music. 

Her first album Manic Pixie Dream released in 2019 and gained millions of streams from there. A few songs on the album were written when Chloe was very young. Chloe wrote "Jesus Couldn't Love Me" when she was 14. If that isn't major goals, then what is?

The songs on the album describe parts of Chloe's suffering, such as addiction and mental health struggles. Because of her heartfelt and earnest lyrics,  Refinery29 recognized Chloe on their 2019 "Artists To Watch." Plus, the tens of millions of streams also added to her fame. 

In 2019, Chloe supported major artists mxmtoon and Tessa Violet—an iconic lineup. Her next album was released in 2020, where she directed a few music videos, including the title song (which has over a million streams on Spotify.) Two of the music videos were filmed in her home in Brooklyn during quarantine. 

Her latest EP, you were good to me, dropped earlier this year. The creative direction is still the same, but the sound is fresher and more intricate—with more complex chord progressions and stronger mixing.

Themes of loneliness, relationships and mental health exist in her music, but there is noticeable growth lyrically. She adds better analogies and more rhythm to the words. 

Chloe grew up in the music industry, always writing a song or performing at a gig, but the momentum continues. What the future holds is unknown, but saying we're excited about Chloe's future would be an understatement. 

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Slider and top image: @chloelilac


by Kelly Schwint | 11/30/2022