EXCLUSIVE! Zoe Ko spills about new single "Lovesick in Public"

If you're searching for an artist who bridges the gap between alt-pop and edgy music, Zoe Ko will have you streaming her songs on repeat. Her sound? Most comparable to Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish and even a little Tate McRae. When Zoe isn't working on her upcoming EP, she spends her time thrifting (just like you!) 

We chatted with Zoe Ko about her latest song and all things music. 

Girls' Life: How did you get started writing and making music?

Zoe Ko: Music was my best friend growing up—I relied on it. I started taking it seriously when I wrote a pop song for my grandpa, who had passed, and performed it at his funeral. It allowed me to process everything that happened in my life, and I would turn my diary entries into songs.

GL: What is your writing process like?

Zoe: I started working with some collaborators doing recording sessions and learning guitar when I was 19. It took me a while to find my sound, and I went all over the place—pop stuff, R&B and even some jazzy stuff. Now, I would describe my sound as 80s Fleetwood Mac with a grungy Olivia Rodrigo pop-rock vibe. I tend to start acapella and not write with any instruments until I bring the song into the studio. 

GL: What is your newest song, "Lovesick in Public," about?

Zoe: It is about the feeling of flirting with someone you like and not being able to hide it. You can't get it out of your head, and you call your best friend the next day, like, "OMG, this happened."

GL: How has living in New York City impacted your artistry?

Zoe: I grew up in the city. I wasn't born here, but I've lived here since a young age. You're exposed to so much in the city, and you're pushed to be an incredibly outlandish version of precisely who you are. You're accepted and appreciated for being who you are. That's impacted my music and how I live.

GL: Where do you get your inspiration for outfits?

Zoe: I started thrifting when I was 12 and haven't bought anything online or in a fast fashion store since. I love finding exciting and vintage pieces. Right now, I love the Y2K vibe.


Favorite artists: Holly Humberstone and Lorde

Current obsession: Fostering dogs

Passion outside of music: Directing

Future goal: Quit day job (nothing more rock-n-roll than that!)

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Images: Alex S. K. Brown


by Kelly Schwint | 10/7/2022