A breakdown of Olivia Rodrigo's iconic obsession with Twilight

Olivia Rodrigo just released her pop-rock single "Vampire," the first song off from her sophomore album GUTS (dropping Sept. 8!), but did you know she's actually been a vampire fan for years now? The wolf's out of the bag: The self-described "Twihard" loves the popular vamp romance series Twilight and wants everyone to know it.

From attending Twilight parties, sporting Edward Cullen handbags, and literally writing a song about the series' main character Bella, Olivia's love for the saga is nothing short of iconic. Keep reading to learn more about her best Twi-moments!

Twilight party


In August of 2021, Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Gray, Iris Apatow, Lydia Night and Madison Hu had a "Twinight" where they ate Twilight=themed foods and took pics in the merch before binge-watching the saga. In a 2019 interview with Euphoria, Olivia admitted that she'd "seen Twilight more times than [she] can count." She followed up by saying, "I'm not even embarrassed to call it my favorite movie anymore." 


After posting all night long about the movies, snacks, and decor, Olivia revealed that her Twilight: Eclipse World Premiere shirt was actually a gift from her bestie Iris Apatow!

Recreating a scene from the movie

@conangray ♬ As if you could out run me - Harry Nelson

It's no secret that Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo are even better friends than Jacob and Bella. On April 8, 2022, one year after the duo debuted a sneak peek of Fearless (Taylor's Version), they made a TikTok recreating the famous scene where Edward reveals he's actually a vampire. It was right before the Sour Tour's Vancouver show, where Conan surprised the audience by coming out and singing a cover of Katy Perry's The One That Got Away with Olivia.

Olivia's earpieces


During the Sour Tour, Olivia often posted photo dumps. One from April showed that the earpieces she was using every night had a hidden Edward in them. Throughout the tour, she also collected stickers to put on the drum risers. Many were Twilight memes, like Renesmee with the Sour album cover stickers floating around her head or the Pope holding up a copy of a Twilight DVD.

(And her other merch)


Olivia has been seen wearing *tons* of other merch from the saga, whether it be the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two charm bracelet, or her "I think the Twilight movies are awesome" shirt. But none of her pieces have been quite as iconic as the Praying brand Bella & Edward bag. Once she posted it, the internet went wild. The bag originally cost $90 and was impossible to get. Praying did a restock shortly after Olivia's post, and the purse sold out immediately.

She wrote a song for Twilight

While Olivia confirming Jacob's fave song would be "Traitor" was def the runner-up, Olivia's most iconic Twihard moment was when she literally wrote a song about the movie. She confirmed on Instagram saying that she was having writer's block and penned this quick tune about Bella Swan moving to Forks and meeting Edward Cullen in the science lab.


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by Haley Kramer | 7/13/2023