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The most iconic moments from Olivia Rodrigo's new "vampire" music video

Yes, it's official: our fave girl Olivia Rodrigo is back with the dark and dreamy song of the summer. She just dropped a new single, "vampire", and accompanying music video today. This is the first look we're getting at the sound and style of her upcoming sophomore album GUTSwhich she announced earlier this week will be released on September 8—just in time for the start of spooky szn. 

Now, it's no secret that Olivia's music videos are pretty much legendary (we're still recovering from cheerleader uniform and leather gloves combo she rocked in the "good 4 u" vid and the idyllic Cali landscapes from "deja vu"). Spoiler alert: "vampire" is no exception. We're spilling our guts on the best moments from Liv's new video below. 

1.  The moody atmosphere

Directed by famed celeb photographer and artist Petra Collins, the "vampire" music video perfectly captures a dreamlike, almost eerie ambiance. From the first shot of the vid, Olivia is surrounded by mist, lounging (and looking fab, ofc) in a dimly-lit grassy meadow. It looks almost like a scene from Twilight (which we all know Olivia herself is a huuuge fan of). If you weren't Team Edward before, the "vampire" vid will def covert you. 


2.  The music itself

Olivia is best known for her heartfelt and heartbreaking lyrics about falling in (and out!) of love. No one quite captures relatable teenage angst like she does in her songwriting. The second we hear that haunting piano, we know Olivia is about to drop a bop. 

The most memorable line from "vampire"? On the catchy and clever chorus, Olivia calls out an ex-lover who's wronged her: "I’ve made some real big mistakes but you make the worst one look fine/I should’ve known it was strange, you only come out at night." Chills, literally. 


3. The makeup look

The "vampire" vid basically confirms that the dramatic red pout is about to be the next big beauty thing. Olivia's signature color has always been a soft lilac (peep the perfectly purple album cover of Sour). But to kick off the GUTS era, she's sporting a bolder, vampy aesthetic. There are touches of deep red everywhere: her lipstick, her nails, the blood on her dress. Brb, adding shimmery eye shadow and a maroon polish to our cart ASAP. 


4.  Our girl Olivia back in her element 

All in all, the best part of the new music video has to be simply seeing Olivia back on her music game. We've missed her vulnerability, her gorg voice and not to mention all her adorable, y2k-inspired outfits. Let's say this: September 8 can't come quickly enough. 

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Top image: @oliviarodrigo
Slider image: @youtube


by GL | 6/30/2023