A non-definitive ranking of every Olivia Rodrigo music video

Do you dream of living in the Olivia Rodrigo sour cinematic universe? We *definitely* do. Since her breakout debut in early 2021, she's released five music videos, a concert film, several live performances and a documentary with amazing aesthetics. From the music to the fashion, Olivia's well-defined sour era consists of the color purple, butterflies, vintage and vulnerability. Each music video tells its own story, making this album an instant pop classic.

Gather around, Livies, because we've ranked every Olivia Rodrigo music video so far.

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5. brutal

The angsty emotion of "brutal" is conveyed through edgy clothing and chunky combat boots, and yet it's beautifully balanced by ballet dancers and feminity. Directed by photographer Petra Collins, "brutal" has a very distinct vibe. It kicks off the album on a loud and powerful note (no pun intended), and the music video delivers that same energy.

4. traitor

Arguably Olivia's most visually pleasing music video, "traitor," features pools, arcades and an early 2000s camera. Although this song deals with immense heartbreak, it's hard to be sad when you're absorbed in the funky fashion of fur trim coats and pink-tinted hair (not to mention how Olivia manages to look perfect while swimming through a pool of flowers and singing her emotions out).

3. drivers license

The anticipation of staying up until midnight to watch the "drivers license" music video was worth it. The raw authenticity shines through, especially since the whole video was shot on a film camera. It is, in true Olivia fashion, aesthetically pleasing, *and* it's incredibly genuine. The best moment is during the bridge, when Olivia is hanging off the white, vintage Mercedes with the "wind" blowing through her hair. (P.S. It's actually just a fan and projection!)

2. deja vu

In "deja vu," the audience can practically *feel* the intense jealousy Olivia has for her ex's new girlfriend. From the outfit swaps to the powerful lyrics, it kind of feels like we're right there with Olivia and her co-star, Talia Ryder. We love the empty pools and beautiful homes, but our fave visual? The green dress/pink cardigan combo.

1. good 4 u

Our number one spot goes to the first collaboration between Petra Collins and Olivia, who both wanted to pay homage to feminist films from the 2000s, such as Jennifer's Body. This music video is, ofc, dramatic, but also plays into the female gaze, which Petra Collins does best. Grungy yet girly, "good 4 u" does it all—precisely why it's our top pick. 

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by Kelly Schwint | 5/8/2022