EXCLUSIVE! Lily Brooks O'Briant isn't staying in her lane

There are two kinds of people in this world: People who sit quietly through holiday dinner with the fam and people who will literally jump up in the middle of said dinner and belt out a Christmas song like they're singing onstage in a sold-out arena.

Lily Brooks O'Briant is the second kind (more on that in a min)—and she's channeling all that Big Holiday Energy into her new EP Christmas Wishes, out Nov. 10 (check it out here!). 

Holiday Hype Girl

After years of establishing herself as an actress with roles in shows like Netflix's The Big Show Show and Apple TV+'s Life by Ella, Lily Brooks dedicated 2023 to focusing primarily on her music—including the release of Too Good To Be True, an EP of original tracks, in August.

Recording a holiday album felt like a natural next step, and her new EP (which includes covers of her three favorite holiday songs: "Mary, Did You Know?," "Last Christmas" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas") has Lily Brooks feeling srsly nostalgic. 

"I used to have the Taylor Swift version [of 'Last Christmas'] playing on repeat when I was little," she says. "And I used to get up, like, during Christmas dinner and sing it for my family. That was my thing. I'd hold a pretend mic and just perform." 

Songwriting Szn


Performing may come naturally for Lily Brooks, but it's not the only thing she's into these days. "I tend to find a passion for everything," she says, rattling off a (partial) list of her current interests and ambitions—from pursuing her music and acting careers to starting her own production company and directing her own films. 

"The hard part is that I've been loving everything I take on," Lily Brooks admits. The goal? "To be able to do it all." 

Life Lessons

Yes, she makes doing "all the things" look effortless, but behind the enviable Instas, Lily Brooks admits that "doing it all" led to a battle with burnout this year—teaching her to rethink her priorities. 

"I needed to learn to really take time for myself, even if it's an hour to take a hot yoga class or hang out with a friend," she shares.

So whether you're also accomplishing a billion to-dos or just trying to figure out who you want to be, Lily Brooks has a final piece of universally relatable advice to take into 2024: "Try everything and have fun." And, oh, don't be afraid to hop up on a table and sing your fave holiday song. 

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Interview by Katherine Hammer.


by Kayleigh Roberts | 11/10/2023