EXCLUSIVE! Brooklynn Prince can quite possibly read your aura

The first time actress Brooklynn Prince had her aura read, she was just about six years old. 

"I think aura readers are just high-functioning empaths," says Brooklynn, who first skyrocketed into stardom in elementary school with her role in 2017's The Florida Project. "They can really see people for who they are, for their energy. That's an amazing gift," 

And Brooklynn clearly knows a little something about being gifted: Now 13 years old, she's not only continuing to slay the acting game (her latest flick Little Wing, where she stars as Kaitlyn, premiered on Paramount+ this month) but is branching into new ventures—most recently, writing her very own series of graphic novels (the first installment, Misfortune's Eyes, is available now). 

Without spoiling anything (it's worth the read, trust), we'll just say that the series kicks off as teen protagonist Vivian Nightingale discovers her power as an aura reader...and the magic, pressure, struggles and drama that inevitably arise from being part of a gifted family. You'll come for the fast-paced plot twists...and stay for the super relatable story.


"I'm so excited for people my age to get to know the characters and the world they're in," dishes Brooklynn over Zoom, just days before the comic's release. "I love when I can pick up something and it's made for me—and in the book, I put a lot of thought into 'What am I going through? How can I translate that into Vivian's story?'" 

Tbh, Misfortune's Eyes has resonance for Brooklynn beyond just being a cool new project or creative outlet (or a chance to, ya know, live her dream life as an aura reader vicariously through Vivian). We went deep with the star—discussing friend struggles, spirituality and so much more...

Girls' Life: What inspired Misfortune's Eyes?

Brooklynn: My dad took me to a psychic town, Cassadega, just about 30 minutes up the road in Florida. It's kind of a special saved part of history. He just randomly said, like, "What if a girl your age got the power to aura read? What would it be like?" That's when the whole idea for the story just kind of clicked inside my head. I had notecards all over my room, mapping out each character and each part of the plot. 

GL: Take us behind the scenes of creating your main character Vivian. 

Brooklynn: Vivian is a lot like me, actually—her looks and her personality. I've always been into the spiritual side of life. I love anything paranormal. I can't read auras myself (I wish I could!) but I am an empath and can definitely read people very easily. 

GL: Does that mean you share Vivian's violet aura?

Brooklynn: I think so. Violet means magical, playful, imaginative...that is definitely me and I put those [qualities] into Vivian as well. I think that your aura takes care of you but you also have to take care of your aura. I'm learning that...I sometimes need to check in with myself and pull away from things that are negatively affecting my energy.

GL: Any advice when it comes to protecting your aura?

Brooklynn: I love to give my heart to people—every single person I meet, I just want to reach out and give them everything. But I think if I could give advice to my younger self I'd say to guard yourself a bit. If you're giving all your energy to the wrong person and they're giving nothing back except negativity and bad vibes, if you're sensitive, it can really hurt you. It's OK to give a lot to others—empaths make the best friends—but make sure they have earned it first and take care of yourself, too. 

GL: How do you spot a positive aura around you? 

Brooklynn: I feel like being an aura reader would be so great for making friends, like, you could just instantly spot that energy. But I remember when I met my best friend, I could tell right away, like, "she's a good human." I could tell she was kind of nervous about making friends, just like I am, and we were able to both open up about that experience. I think you can tell when someone is just super kind, a good soul.  

GL: What do you hope people love when they read Vivian's story?

Brooklynn: I've only found about two things in my life that have been able to get me through stuff, that I feel seen in—one is Beetlejuice and the other is called The Promised Neverland, it's an anime but also a manga. It's illustrated by a woman, which you don't typically see in manga, and it is honestly my entire world. I felt so seen by that and that helped inspire me to make Misfortune's Eyes.

A lot of kids, tweens, teens, young adults need to feel seen and heard. And when they find something to relate to—whether it's a movie or TV show or song or book or comic—it will help get them through whatever they're going through. 

GL: Any other projects you're super excited about right now? 

Brooklynn: Yes! My movie Little Wing—another project I think teens will love. It's about pigeon racing...but it's also about a girl going through a mental health crisis. It talks about anxiety, depression, things I think we really shouldn't shy away from. 

I also love writing. I write scripts all the time...some good, some bad. I'm working on some things in the early stages. I just love to write characters and connect with them. They're like my tiny children!

GL: OK, finally, is there one tiny plot point you can tell us about from Misfortune's Eyes

Brooklynn: There may or may not be an aura that changes throughout the book. It's one of my dearly beloved characters.

Start reading Misfortune's Eyes rn HERE and stream Little Wing HERE!

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by Katherine Hammer | 3/25/2024