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What this boy did for his classmate will inspire you

This boy is your good will inspo for the week!

Last Wednesday, Rafael Gomez Picazo, a high schooler in Colorado posted a video that has now gone viral! Why? He kindly bucked up and purchased a pair of shoes—Vans, no less!—for a student in need. He overheard his classmate telling her mom that she needed new shoes and when he found out that her family couldn't afford a new pair, he took care of the issue. 

In a Facebook post, he said, "So I came out of my class yesterday to talk on the phone and I seen this girl named Ricky talking to her mom about her needing new shoes and I seen her playing with a hole under her shoe. Her mom said she couldn't afford new shoes for her she needed to go to Walmart. So I went to vans because I seen that's what she had on. I came in today and I asked my teacher about her. She said her family hasn't been to financially stable. So hopefully she likes the shoes 🤘🏻"

Though the video is short and his classmate looked super speechless when he gifted her the shoes, the gratitude was written all over her face!

We think this is *very* cute and kind. What about you? Sound off below!

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by Sydney Adamson | 5/7/2017
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