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EXCLUSIVE: Watch the swoony video for Sage's "June"

Happy Thursday, babes. Today, we're exclusively premiereing a fresh vid from Halsey-esque artist Sage—and we could not be more stoked about it!

The track, which the singer-songwroter says is inspired by her actual life experiences, is set on a retro-grunge backdrop in this sweet and playful video—but Sage actually didn't want to pen the playful soon-to-be hit in the first place.

"I don’t like writing love songs because everyone writes them," Sage admits, "but I made it into something that I truly believed in, rather than just the basic love song you’re used to hearing."

You'll fall head over heels for the dancers in it—and Sage's #TBT style, too! Watch below...

Like, can you *even* with her retro hair and those lip sunnies? NEED! Sage says the stylist for the vid mixed '50s and '60s styles together, and it made for a perfect throwback vibe.

Overall, though, it's the song's message that Sage hopes resonates with listeners.

"I wanted June to be a song that was all about love and happiness to help me start putting that back into my life," Sage spills. "I hope that the song does the same thing for other people because I know it was super helpful for me."

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by GL | 6/21/2018