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Slip into a convo with the stars of Brat TV's Stage Fright

Brat TV's new series Stage Fright has only aired three episodes so far—and we're already *obsessed.* The show melds mystery with musical and is led by an all-star cast, from singer Sophie Michelle to Dance Moms' Pressley Hosbach.

As loyal viewers try to solve the crime (who dropped the chandelier on Noah?!), the cast sat down to interview each other and spill behind-the-scenes secrets. Read closely, and you may just find yourself uncovering some clues...


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Carrie Berk (Karina): Before we talk about the filming process, I have to mention craft services. All the food they provided was *so* good. Soph, which was your favorite crafty snack, and why?

Sophie Michelle (Lizzy): Definitely grapes! They're healthy, and they tasted amazing. That fruit has always been my fave. What about you, Pressley?

Pressley Hosbach (Roxie): My faves were definitely goldfish and strawberries! They're the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Kimberly, what was your favorite part about being on set?


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Kimberly Girkin (Tuesday): My favorite part of being on set was getting to see my gorgeous, talented, rockstar castmates! It was also so much fun to get into costume each day, in addition to shooting, of course! Sky, what's a lesson or message you hope people take away from our show?

Skyler Guthrie (Mikey): The lesson or message I hope people take away from the show is that friendships can be created from unique situations, and they can last a lifetime! Tahani, what was your favorite location to film at, and why?


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Tahani Anderson (Delia): My fave location had to be Brat Studios. That's where we all first met each other and bonded throughout the entire process, whether we were filming or just eating lunch. We always had a good time there. Adam, when you first booked Stage Fright, what were your thoughts on your character?

Adam Leiva (Wayne): I was just so excited to bring a smart character who knows so much about the technical side of theater to life. Characters like that don't normally get the attention they deserve. Harrison, if you could play any other character on Stage Fright, who would you play?

Harrison Cone (Noah): Probably Mikey! Even though no one can do it better than Skyler, he seems like a really fun character to play. Carrie, what was the hardest part of filming for you?

Carrie Berk (Karina): At first, it was hard to tap into Karina's character because her personality is so different from mine! Although we both love to write, Karina is very intense and will do whatever it takes to get a juicy story, even if it means hurting people in the process. But the second I put her glasses on and had my hair in a messy ponytail, I was good to go!

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by Carrie Berk | 4/9/2020