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Songs to add to your winter Gilmore Girls playlist

It's finally winter: Lorelai Gilmore's favorite season! We all know how much this bubbly lady loves snow. Here are some songs featured in the show to listen to whenever you want to feel transported to Stars Hollow. Simply grab a cup of coffee and press play (though be warned: there may be some minor spoilers ahead)...

"Where You Lead" by Carole King

We know, this one's pretty obvious since it's the show's theme song. Fun fact: Singer-songwriter Carole King actually appears in multiple seasons of Gilmore Girls as Sophie Bloom, the music store owner! She also changed the lyrics of the original song to record it for the show with her daughter. Mother-daughter goals!

"There She Goes" by The La's

This song kicks off the first episode of the series, following Lorelai walking through Stars Hollow and introducing us to the town we all fell in love with. She's totally displaying her main character energy–Lorelai Gilmore *is* the moment.

"Reflecting Light" by Sam Phillips

This song plays over such a sweet moment as Luke and Lorelai dance together at Liz and TJ's wedding in season four. While not necessarily romantic on its own, this beautiful song gives us all the nostalgic feels. It also reappears in the revival during their own wedding montage (aww).

"Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star

This song is featured during the Chilton dance in season one (when Rory and Dean dance together). It makes us feel like true love exists, even if only for a moment. Brb, grabbing the tissues.

"Then She Appeared" by XTC

This one is for the Team Jess girlies, who will def remember the exhilaration of Jess and Rory finally becoming a couple. The lyrics perfectly describe how Jess feels about Rory. 

"My Little Corner of the World" by Yo La Tengo

This song plays at the end of season one as Lorelai and Rory race toward each other to provide some *major* life updates. They meet in the middle of the street and catch each other, giggling and trying to get their words out. It totally encapsulates how deep their bond is. After all, Stars Hallow is their little corner of the world—and we're just living in it. 

"Where the Colors Don't Go" by Sam Phillips

Music-composing queen Sam Phillips is back! This tune captures how Lorelai feels about her parents' house (umm, totally bland and colorless compared to her own vibrant personality). The song begins playing as she looks at a photograph from her childhood home, then seamlessly transitions into her arriving at that same house to introduce us to Emily and Richard. 

"Inside Out" by The Mighty Lemon Drops

This is the last song to play in the series finale as Luke and Lorelai share a kiss. No matter what happens, they always find their way back to each other. This couple can't stop our hearts from turning inside out!

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by Natalie Misyak | 1/30/2023