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May we present the ultimate summer self-care bucket list

You've already got big plans for this summer: Maybe you're shipping off to make s'mores at camp, heading on a fam road trip or kicking it with your besties at the pool. Then there's cross-country practice, piano lessons, your BFF's birthday party—wait, isn't summer supposed to be relaxing?!

News flash: It's time to slow down and replace your hectic sched with our summer wellness bucket list, aka a few simple ways to introduce some zen into your routine. And while we love sugar scrubs and scented candles as much as the next gal, our definition of self-care = creating sustainable habits that allow you to live your best life physically, mentally *and* emotionally.

To level up our relaxation game, we're heading to Cal-a-Vie Health Spa's Mom & Teen Week from June 11 to June 18, 2023, for our 2023 Wellness Week. We'll be joined by our amaze celeb host Pressley Hosbach (so be sure to follow us on Insta and TikTok to practice self-care your way with Pressley and the GL squad).

Take a peek at the posts below, then challenge yourself to read one—and incorporate a different wellness practice into your life—every day this week (Psst: Don't see a live link yet? Check back soon for updates!)


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You can score a free wellness toolkit, packed with beauty and style essentials to help you look and feel your best.

🕯️ Find your yoga flow with Pressley Hosbach HERE

Start perfecting your tree pose, bb, because you're not going to want to miss the virtual vinyasa we're hosting on our IG Thursday, June 15 at 2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST!

🌱 Try out some new delish plant-based recipes HERE.

Trying your hand at plant-based eating? Peep these simple options that are sure to spice up your breakfast rotation and nourish your bod.


💪 Get moving with these beginner pilates combos HERE.

It's a proven fact that exercising regularly improves your mood and reduces anxiety. Sweat out all your stressors with these fast and fun tutorials. Never done pilates? No worries—these vids are totally beginner-approved.


💧 Make a plan to stay hydrated (and stick to it!) HERE.

Keep your friends close and your emotional support water bottle closer: Turns out that maintaining peak hydration enhances everything from your skin to your menstrual cycle. Check out these v. easy tips to max your H2O intake.


🌼 Add daily mindfulness to your routine HERE

Mindfulness *is* the moment—literally. Being mindful means taking a breath and focusing on the now, rather than getting nervous about the future (that championship soccer game coming up) or dwelling on the past (that awk comment you made in front of your crush last week). If you're prone to overthinking or worrying, this guide is about to change your brain for the better.

💗 Strengthen your bond with the fam HERE.

A v. important (and often overlooked) aspect of wellness is connecting with the people you care about most. This summer, commit to being more open and loving towards your day ones—if not in person, then via the fam group chat. Who knew communicating with your OG crew could *actually* be fun?


✨ Clean your space and clear your head HERE.

It's hard to even think about wellness when your floor is covered in dirty clothes and your desk is full of old HW assignments. If your spring cleaning is still overdue, it's not too late to break out the vacuum and finally alphabetize that bookshelf. And PSA: Keeping your surroundings neat might also help your mind feel less cluttered, too. 


📱 Refresh your feed with content that makes you feel good HERE.

We're here to remind you: So much of what you see on IG is fabricated (filters and FaceTune, ugh). But one way to eliminate the bad social media feels? Follow our fave body-positive influencers who empower and inspire you to love yourself—unapologetically.


✏️ Make gratitude journaling part of your nighttime ritual HERE.

A cutesy leather-bound journal, a pack of colorful gel pens and some time to think about all the little things in life you love? Say less. Journaling is a fab habit to develop if you're wanting to add a dash of reflection to your everyday. Learn the ropes and get all the doodling inspo here. 


💤 Have your best beauty sleep ever HERE.

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping—so you're going to want to do it right. Behold: a few tips to make sure your shut-eye is top-tier Every. Single. Night. Sweet dreams!


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by GL | 6/19/2023