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The *ultimate* summer wellness resolutions (inspired by Cal-a-Vie Health Spa's Mom & Teen Week with Pressley Hosbach!)

Our definition of self-care? Prioritizing positive relationships, showing yourself compassion, surrounding yourself with supportive energy and taking action toward your health, happiness and ~biggest~ dreams. (OK, and some spa seshes, yoga classes and freebies too!)

That's *exactly* why we headed to Cal-a-Vie Health Spa's Mom & Teen Week (with our fabulous celeb guest Pressley Hosbach) for our 2023 Wellness Week.

Read on for ~all~ the wellness resolutions we learned and experienced—plus how to put them in practice. It's the authentic, good-vibes-only self-care summer you deserve. 

1. Say yes to exercise you love (and early wakeups)

At Cal-a-Vie we started every morning with a stunning sunrise hike (yes, that means 6:30 a.m.—but it's worth it for the view and the extra energy boost) then, after a power breakfast, headed to fun fitness classes like bootcamp, barre, Pilates and pickleball.

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Pick a morning this week to set your alarm an hour early and get moving! Whether it's a dance party to your fave pump-up songs, a long walk with your pup through the neighborhood or an online workout class, it'll feel amazing to put your body in gear before your busy day begins.

2. Expand your friendship circle

Forming lifelong friendships is hands down one of the best parts of Mom & Teen Week. Every night, there's a fun bonding sesh for the crew of newfound besties—from game night (we heart Scattergories) to movie night (this year's pick = The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Pressley's current fave) to a luau pool party (ft. our Taylor Swift playlist on shuffle, obvi). 

MAKE IT HAPPEN: This summer, reach out to one new friend. Maybe it's the newbie at your soccer camp, the neighbor you've always liked but never gotten closer to or your fellow lifeguard at the pool. "It can feel awkward at first but just introduce yourself and compliment them on something," suggests GL girl Ella P., 16. "You might become besties—or you can just feel good that you put yourself out there."

3. Break out of your comfort zone

Aerial yoga! Self-defense! Stargazing! Mom & Teen Week is *all* about trying (and succeeding at) new things...even things you never thought you'd give a shot. So if there's something you've always wanted to take on but felt a little nervous about it, this summer's your chance. Who knows?! It might just become your latest passion project.

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Pick a bucket list hobby (like signing up for the beach volleyball team or volunteering at the animal shelter) and give it a go. And if you want to take your summer of fresh starts one step further, yoga is the perfect place to stretch your body and mind—and leave yourself open to new possibilities. Get started with one of Cal-a-Vie's yoga classes right on Instagram @girlslifemag HERE. Bonus: You can jam out to the ~ultimate~ Eras Tour playlist while you work out. (Psst: Stay tuned to the end for a peek at Pressley!) 

4. Lean into your creative side

Even if you're not the most artsy person, getting crafty is a fab way to express yourself and whatever's on your mind. Throughout the week, we decompressed from a morning of fast-paced exercise as we beaded friendship bracelets, painted rocks and crafted vision boards. 

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Each week this summer, put together one craft to represent your vibe. Pool time with your BFF? Snag some string and make matching bracelets to commemorate the moment. Week before school starts? A vision board is perfect to set intentions and make your dreams feel a little more in reach.

5. Learn a fun new recipe

Delish, nutritious food is the fuel you need to get through jam-packed summer days, so why not add an amaze new recipe to your roster? At Mom & Teen Week, we had a blast learning the famous Hailey Bieber smoothie recipe, sure to make many breakfasts and snacks to come. 

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Snag the easy how to's  right here then just grab your ingredients, blend and enjoy! "Smoothies are my go-to before swim team practice because I can always switch up the flavor based on my mood *and* I can sneak lots of protein in there to keep me energetic," says GL girl Yasmin F., 17. 

6. Take a moment to ~treat yourself~

The only thing we love more than friend-filled mornings are low-key, laid-back spa afternoons. From massages to mani-pedis, we leaned into *all* the self-care time. 

Plus, we couldn't be more obsessed with *all* the adorbs goodies we got each night at Mom & Teen Week thanks to our fave skincare, haircare, makeup and wellness brands. (Wanna snag your own swag? Enter to win our Cal-a-Vie Beauty Bag giveaway all July long here!) 

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Make sure that your summer goals include some *serious* time to unwind. "Between dinner and bedtime each weeknight in the summer, I put my phone away and treat myself to something that's genuinely relaxing—like reading a book, watching a throwback movie with my sister or taking a bubble bath," says GL girl Ava G., 14. "Since I don't have homework, I try to take advantage of the time without screens." 

7. Express gratitude to the people you heart most

Bonding with the OG bestie (aka Mom) = v. important. From hiking together to sharing photo ops to playing mother-daughter games, Mom & Teen Week was the perfect place to tune into some quality fam time. 

MAKE IT HAPPEN: This summer, make it a priority to do one fun activity with each member of your fam. Plus, stay connected even when you're apart by glowing up the squad group chat.

8. Make it last all year long

Finally, don't keep the good vibes trapped in summer—let 'em flow even when school starts and the weather gets chillier. Whether it was promising to stay in touch with our new friends, taking videos of our go-to workout routines or bringing back our vision boards, we know the happy energy from Mom & Teen Week can last us 'til next year.

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Even when you don't have a ton of free time, rotate your wellness priorities (think: Pilates class one afternoon, redecorating your room the next followed by your Friday night hangs with your BFF) to make sure you're making space for your self-care. You got this!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us next year for Cal-a-Vie Health Spa's Mom & Teen Week (stay tuned for deets!)

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by GL | 7/6/2023