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EXCLUSIVE! Jaidyn Triplett's debut single "BOPSTAR" is the perfect pump-up jam

Jaidyn Triplett is even more than a triple threat. She's an actress (you may recognize her from the iCarly reboot!), singer, and producer—not to mention a small business owner and baker extraordinaire. Oh, and she's also perfecting her hair routine in her free time...

With so many diverse talents under her belt, Jaidyn is free to dream big, especially when it comes to her budding music career. "I want to be able to put my music out to more and more people, not just through social media but on stage at a theater," Jaidyn says. "I'm hoping that in the future I can continue putting out music that I love and that my fans love, too."

She's kickstarting this goal with the release of her debut single "BOPSTAR". The song and accompanying music video just dropped today and let us be the first to say it: it is a *total* bop. 

This impossibly catchy, confidence-boosting tune is def what we'd expect from someone like Jaidyn, who's adored music for as long as she can remember (she's got fab taste, too, with everything from Drake to Olivia Rodrigo's "vampire" on her summer playlist!). 

"Got it made," Jaidyn sings on "BOPSTAR", "living out my dreams every day." Based on everything she spilled in our convo below, we're inclined to believe her. 

Girls' Life: We've already got "BOPSTAR" on repeat. How did it feel to write the song and share it with the world?

Jaidyn: "BOPSTAR" is honestly just one of those fun jams that you just want to listen to all the time because it's always stuck in your head. That was my mindset when I was in the studio and recording it. 

Girls' Life: And what was it like to film the music video?

Jaidyn: Filming that video was awesome, because of the wardrobe, mostly. Especially that rainbow jacket and green dress I wore. That was amazing! Normally, I would just put on a pair of Abercrombie high-waist jeans and maybe a crop top and then Air Forces, and that's pretty much my entire fit.

Girls' Life: When did you first find your passion for music?

Jaidyn: My whole life, I've been surrounded by music. When I was around seven or eight, I actually started writing my own songs and making voice memos on my iPad. After that, I really discovered my love for songwriting.

Girls' Life: What type of music do you like to listen to?

Jaidyn: The music that I enjoy listening to has really influenced all of my songs because I listen to so many different genres. Hip hop, rap, alternative, pop rock and music from all over the world. 

Girls' Life: What do you hope fans take away from your songs?

Jaidyn: I think, with my music, I really wanted to put out a message. With "BOPSTAR", I wanted it to be in people's heads. And I'm coming out with another single shortly after this and that one is about mental health. I wanted to make music with a lasting message, and I'm hoping that my songs can really just resonate with everyone. 

Girls' Life: What do you like to do when you're not writing songs or performing?

Jaidyn: I enjoy baking; it's truly one of my passions and something I've put a lot of hard work into. I have a small business that I'm running right now for family and friends where I sell cheesecakes and other pastries.

I also enjoy doing nails and my hair a lot. I have big, curly hair and so getting to learn how to do that has been an amazing experience so far. 

Girls' Life: Any advice for girls your age who are trying to take on a new hobby or learn a new skill? 

Jaidyn: Just passion and hard work. That's what I say all the time. Make sure you're passionate about what you're aiming for. When you find something that you truly love, something that makes your eyes light up when you speak about it, you will put everything into it to make that dream come true. 

Stream "BOPSTAR" now right here!

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by Katherine Hammer and Madelon Basil | 7/21/2023