EXCLUSIVE! Charli D'Amelio spills on her best life advice, her summer plans and *so* much more

It's the middle of summer and there are three things we ~srsly~ need right at this moment: 1) a "lose-track-of-time" boredom buster that isn't staring at our phones (but is, um, close to that?), 2) inspo on staying close with our besties even when we're not in the same place every day and 3) the best advice on staying confident and happy in any sitch.

Here to deliver: all-around star Charli D'Amelio, 19, who is staying busier (and happier!) than ever this sunny season from low-key plans with her hometown friends to working on her many entrepreneurial ventures to her soon-to-be-released new season of her fam's reality series. 

Charli's next big adventure? She's the global ambassador for the new Tamagotchi Uni, an adorbs virtual pet that's all about creating your own unique experience by customizing your character, connecting with friends, doing fun DIY activities and more. We caught up with Charli at the Tamagotchi Uni launch party (where we saw some other GL faves like Pressley Hosbach and Lauren Orlando) on *everything* from her summer faves to how she handles tough times... 

Girls' Life: You're the global ambassador for the Tamagotchi Uni. Did you have a Tamagotchi as a kid?

Charli: Yes! I loved those toys you can take care of. These games are much more modern, but there's something about it that has that original, nostalgic aspect which is cool. There is so much more you can do with this one, though—food delivery, more options of what to feed them, go to the mall, play more mini games *and* it's in color.

Girls' Life: The Tamagotchi Uni is about being unique. When it comes to standing out, what do you wish more people understood? 

Charli: Uniqueness is not a negative thing. You could take 10 people who look exactly the same and say "What sets them apart?" It could be personality, voice, talents. Those things add to you as a person. Those things are what people remember about you. Don't let the things that make you different harm your self-confidence. 

Girls' Life: And when it comes to that self-confidence, how do you handle setbacks?

Charli: The setbacks are the most important parts. Going into each new business venture I've done, I take the things I've learned from past ones—good and bad. 

Take my first magazine cover [with Girls' Life back during quarantine in Spring 2020—check out her throwback interview here]. I felt super uncomfortable in front of the camera. Then, you know, I have to do the awkward thing and stand in front of the mirror and think I like when I do this or I like when I do that. Each step is a building block to learn and put that into the next thing and eventually reach whatever goal is yours. 

Girls' Life: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Charli: Spending time with family and friends. I'm excited to spend some of summer with my hometown friends and really focus on keeping those relationships strong. I love doing escape rooms, putting my phone down and just going swimming and celebrating my sister's birthday in August. 

Girls' Life: What's your go-to summer outfit? 

Charli: Super baggy jeans that feel like you're literally wearing nothing. The bigger the jeans, the better. Then some cute flowy dresses. 

Girls' Life: Looking back at yourself five years ago, the advice you'd give is...

Charli: Stop stressing out! It's all going to figure itself out. Also, it's OK to lean on the people around you—you don't have to do it all on your own.

Images: Sophie Sahara. Editor's Note: This interview was conducted prior to the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike.


by Katherine Hammer | 7/17/2023