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EXCLUSIVE! Singer-songwriter Elle Darlington is about to give your holiday playlist a major upgrade

In our opinion, it's *never* too soon to start streaming holiday jams...especially when singer/songwriter Elle Darlington is next in the queue. 


Elle—who's been singing since she could talk—is serving endless holiday inspo with her newest single, "Christmas is You", which droped today. The cover art features an old family photo of baby Elle in total glam mode, and it's bascially photographic evidence that Elle's been the queen of sparkle season for, like, ever. Plus, the teasers she's been sharing on her socials recently showcase her impressive vocal range (those whistle notes!) and ability to write the catchiest melodies.


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This is all to say: Elle's giving us an early present this year with "Christmas is You", and we can't wait to finally unwrap it. She sat down with us to talk about her budding music career, her fave Xmas traditions and how to ace chilly weather fashion. It's giving...cheer! 

Girls' Life: Tell us a little bit about "Christmas is You". What inspired you to do a holiday song?

Elle Darlington: I love Christmas. It’s my favorite season, I feel like it’s a great way for me to connect with my family. We all live across the UK so it’s nice to have everybody in one house. I find that original Christmas music that feels classic is really hard to find, but I feel like Christmas music is a great thing to help everyone connect.

GL: Do you have a fave Christmas traditon that you always do with your family?

Elle: There’s this little movie called “The Snowman.” It's a cute, short animated thing, and we watch that every Christmas Eve. We have since I was really small. We really look forward to it.

GL: And do you have a go-to chilly day outfit?

Elle: I’m kind of experimenting [with my style] a bit. It’s pretty Y2K-esque. But now it’s getting cold in the UK so it’s like all coats all the time. Everything fluffy. 


GL: When did you first get started in music? 

Elle: I started singing lessons when I was 5. Then, when I was 16, I started posting covers of my favorite songs on TikTok and YouTube. I had one video where I was singing “Hopelessly Devoted” off of my stairs of the balcony which blew up a little. From there, I moved to London at 17 and started the process of writing my original music. 

GL: Thinking about your new songs coming out in 2024, how would you describe your sound?

Elle: Well, the next one that’s coming after this Christmas one shows more of the sassier side of my personality which I’m really excited to introduce. That’s a big part of me and my character. It's a little more R&B. “Wish You Would”—the first song I put out—is very pop. My songs are all different but all very cohesive.

GL: Which musical artists are your biggest inspirations?

Elle: I’m a huge Mariah Carey fan. I love her. I like Ariana Grande, Kehlani, SZA. I've also been obsessed with Kiana Ledé’s new album “Grudges.”

GL: Any advice you'd give to your 15-year-old self, before you started posting your singing online?

Elle: Trust yourself. Listen to your inner voice. And trust your friends. Sometimes my friends know me better than I know myself. It’s easy to get wrapped up in everything, especially when there’s a lot of voices and different opinions surrounding you. You know what’s best for yourself. And keep your friends close.

Stream Elle's new holiday bop, "Christmas is You", starting Nov. 17!

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by Katherine Hammer and Madelon Basil | 11/17/2023