Ready to date the most important person in your life (aka you)?

Who says you need a partner to have a blast? Get ready to ditch the FOMO and embrace the joy of your own company. We created a fun guide to unleash your inner Miss Independent and show you how incredible it is to date the most important person in your life (that's you)! From a spa day for one to a solo culinary adventure, we got you covered with the best solo dates. So say goodbye to waiting for plans to come together and hello to treating yourself.

Soak up the self-love: Throw yourself a relaxing spa day

A spa day is a fabulous way to spend some quality time with yourself while also relaxing and stepping away from your worries. From a soothing bubble bath to a cooling sheet mask, engage in activities that make your day peaceful. You could also try journaling to reflect on your true feelings. After all, in any relationship or friendship, communication is key.

Dining doesn't have to be a group activity: Cook for yourself or order out

Take a trip to the farmer's market and pick out some fresh ingredients. Then, head back to your kitchen and let your creativity run wild. (We've got a Cowboy Caviar Recipe calling your name!) But if you're not in the mood to cook, why not order from your favorite restaurant or try the new food truck in town? Regardless of how you dine, this delicious experience is a fun way to treat yourself to much-needed comfort food.

Unleash your inner artist: Painting, pottery, music and poetry


Expressing yourself through creativity is a fun and rewarding way to spend your time. Why? You have no limits when it comes to painting what you want or playing the song you desire. Choose to use the colors you love most and be yourself because like your creative work, you are the one and only you—unique and incredible! You can choose to paint the sunset or write song lyrics about your day, basically anything that makes your statement to the world.

Connect with nature: Hot girl walk or hike

If you're in the mood for some outdoor excitement, why not embark on a hot girl walk or hike? Put on your comfiest workout fit, hit the pavement or trail and strut your stuff! Not only are walking and hiking perfect for your physical health, but they're also fantastic ways to clear your mind and boost your endorphins. And while you take in the sights, let the rhythm of your favorite playlist (or podcast) keep you company.

Travel diaries: Explore a museum that sparks your interest

Museums are quiet, yet so full of life. Each exhibit within the walls of any museum tells an incredible story, and to absorb all of that, touring at your own pace can be especially helpful. Museums are also a great way to surround yourself with what you're interested in, whether it's fashion, music, sports, science, religion, art or something else entirely. And you can choose between indoor or outdoor museums. The options are literally endless.

Retail therapy is never out of style: Shopping Day

Leave the shopping buddy drama behind and do a little retail therapy. Hit the boutiques, explore thrift stores and conquer the mall on a solo shopping spree. Whether it's new clothes, makeup or gorgeous bath bombs, splurging every once in a while on things that make you feel ah-mazing can boost your confidence and lift your spirits.

Discover your likes and dislikes: Try out a new hobby


It is never too late to begin a new journey in your life! Optimize your free time by dedicating it to something new you think you might enjoy—and don't beat yourself up if you don't end up sticking with it. Self-discovery is never easy, and you'll never know till you try! Plus, it'll make you feel better than spending all your downtime scrolling through your phone. So pick up a new instrument, start crocheting or begin whatever new hobby your heart desires!

Lights, camera, me-time: Solo movie date

Who could forget about the magic of the big screen? Take yourself on a movie date and immerse yourself in the captivating world of cinema. Whether you choose a comedy that'll have you laughing or a thrilling adventure that will keep your eyes glued to the screen, the experience of going to the movies alone is truly liberating. You get to choose the film, savor every scene without distractions and enjoy the escapism that only a gorgeously-lit movie theater can offer.

Go get yourself some flowers: You deserve them.


Just like the song goes, "I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand, talk to myself for hours, say things you don't understand," it's an *absolute* yes. You *can* buy yourself flowers. You can always treat yourself.

You can even opt to start your own garden— it's both fun and good for the environment, as there have been sources stating that fresh-cut flowers in bouquets could actually contribute to pollution. Becoming THAT plant mom through gardening is def a lovely form of self-care *and* care for the earth!

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by Kukua Honny and Lucy Ke | 9/16/2023