Valentine's Day date ideas for a long-distance relationship

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and long-distance relationships are certainly no exception. Being apart from your S.O. is tough, and between HW, hanging out with friends, internships and extracurrics, it can be even harder to find time to hang with bae, especially when they're miles away.

Whether you've changed schools or moved away, here are some fun Valentine's Day date ideas to connect with your cutie when the distance is tugging on your heartstrings. (No partner? No problem. While these ideas are great for relationships, they can also be applied to friendships as well!)

Exchange some snail mail

care package filled with your or your partner's favorite V-Day sweets and treats (like plushies, candy and romantic poetry or books) is a great way to feel extra connected. Make it extra special by penning a heartfelt letter filled with all the ah-mazing things you love about your S.O. You can decorate the letter or the box of the care package with dried flowers, a spritz of your favorite perfume, handpainted hearts or even little lipstick kisses. Just make sure to send the package at least a week in advance to ensure that it arrives right on time.

Play an online game

Sometimes the best dates are the ones that tap into your playful side. But when you're too far away for an IRL skeeball tournament, the next best thing is an online game you can play together. Skribbl is an exciting version of Draw Something where you can create your own private game just for you and your partner. It even comes with a little built-in message feature, so you can chat while you play without having to switch back and forth between apps. Or check out Words With Friends, Stardew Valley and Minecraft to compete with each other's affectionsliterally!

A new take on a dinner date


We all love a good video dinner date, but after the fifth Zoom pizza-eating sesh, things start to feel a little repetitive. But that doesn't mean we should turn our backs on this oldie-but-goodie date. Instead, try this new version: Take to the internet and find a restaurant near your partner. Order them a secret meal to eat on your date, whether it be a fancy steak or a $5 burrito (they both hit, tbh). Once it arrives, unwrap to see what your partner has in store for you, then sit back, relax and—ofc—devour your surprise meal. 

Virtual watch party


We've all heard of a movie marathon, but with the website Teleparty, you can now host a virtual movie marathon. Instead of falling to the basics or your favorite rom-com, spice it up and make a game out of it: Find a film that features both of your initials and watch that instead. For example, if your name starts with an A and his with an M, watch When Harry Met Sally

2024 mixtape


If you're a chronic music player, this activity has your name written all over it. In the olden days, couples used to make each other mixtapes. Now, we're able to access pretty much any and every song with the touch of a few buttons on our smartphones—thanks Spotify and Apple Music! Add your bae's favorite songs, songs that make you think of them or songs you think they would love, then craft the perfect title and send 'em the link. While you may not be there in person, they'll think of you every time you hit play. Aww!

Top image: @joan_alturo
Slider Image: @cartierting


by Faith Green and Katherine Mahoney | 2/8/2024