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Everything you need to know about Never Have I Ever season four

Our fave source of drama is back for its fourth and final season—Netflix's Never Have I Ever is returning to give us one last chapter of Devi's never-ending love triangle! If you're a fan of the show, then you know the excruciating feeling of wanting to know what happens next, especially after the cliffhanger that ended season three. Lucky for you, we have all the deets you need to know about season four of Never Have I Ever, premiering June 8

The release date

When is the final season arriving to Netflix? The official Never Have I Ever Instagram account announced the official release date as June 8, 2023, giving us plenty of time to build anticipation and prepare for the end of an era. While this is two months away, a lot of sneak peeks will be released in the meantime, so we (hopefully) won't be completely in the dark.

The plot

The official teaser trailer for the final season dropped April 13 and gave fans little clues as to what to expect—and, if you paid attention to the previous season, there is a *lot* left unanswered.  From what the teaser showed, Devi's in her senior year and chasing big Ivy League dreams (goals, tbh). It seems that some things never change, as both Paxton and Ben play major roles in the upcoming episodes.

The teaser didn't explicitly show major plot points, but from what we saw, Devi and her friends are in for a wild ride. There's a lot of clues leading towards messy drama, complicated relationships, heartfelt moments and everything in between.  And while fans might be anxious to know whether Devi's endgame with Paxton or Ben, there's even more drama about to unfold. That's right: a *new* guy has entered the chat.

The cast

The main cast we know and love will be returning for the final season. And, yes, Paxton and Ben are both still part of Devi's story. However, fans were surprised to see another familar face in the teaser. Playing the role of Ethan, Michael Cimino (you might recognize him from Love, Victor and Senior Year) is making an appearance that's sure to shake things up. 

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by Mina Rahmat | 4/14/2023