How to host the *perfect* The Summer I Turned Pretty watch party

The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime Video is *all* we can think about lately. If we can't go to Cousins Beach with Belly and the Fisher boys, then we're bringing Cousins Beach to you. So grab your girls, because we have the ultimate guide to throwing a The Summer I Turned Pretty watch party this summer. 

The decor

TSITP calls for beachy vibes. Think seashells, flowers and twinkle lights. Set up your party inside by hanging summer garlands (think: watermelon cutouts, pom poms or tropical florals) and lights from the ceiling and walls. If your party is outside, wrap your fairy lights around any staircases or porches.

Phone eats first, so make sure you craft an adorable food table (want some inspo? Check out these recipes inspired by The Summer I Turned Pretty). And when it's time to watch, arrange beach chairs and cute towels in front of a plain white sheet, then display the show with a mini projector. You and your besties will feel totally transported!


The food

Summer BBQ foods are a MUST! Take inspo from the Fisher Fourth of July party and make hamburgers or vegan sliders...and the infamous Fourth of July cake, ofc. This patriotic-inspired dessert is super simple (and hopefully won't wind up in the pool).

1. Bake a Funfetti cake so your dessert reminds your gals of fireworks when you cut into it.

2. Wait for the cake to cool, then cover it in your favorite vanilla frosting.

3. Wash and cut some strawberries and blueberries. Arrange your fruit on top of the cake in the shape of the American flag. Susannah would be proud!


No watch party is complete without snacks! Twin with Belly and the moms and set out brownies and popcorn for your party—just like they do for their movie nights. 

The fits

The clothes from TSITP are everything! Whether you're a Belly, Taylor or Shayla, your outfit needs to be Cousins ready. Think florals, crochet, jean shorts and sundresses. Don't be afraid to go barefoot! 


Want more inspo? We've compiled every fashion trend from The Summer I Turned Pretty!

The pics

Pics or it didn't happen! Gather up your besties on a towel and cuddle in close. Then smile, lean back and kick up your legs to get the perfect summer IG post. 


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by Laine Napoli | 7/6/2022