6 ideas for a fab Hanukkah party

Hanukkah is just around the corner, and we can't wait. From the delish treats (latkes and jelly donuts, anyone?) to the thoughtful gifts, there's *so* much to enjoy. And better yet, the festivities last for eight whole nights. Want to celebrate in style this year? It might be time to throw your own Hanukkah party. With these ideas, your bash will be even more dazzling than the candles!

Decide on your dress code

Ofc, one of the most important parts of prepping for a good party is choosing what to wear. You might tell your guests to opt for fancier fits (a great opportunity to wear your cute new dress), or you could take the holiday fun to a whole new level with an Ugly Hanukkah Sweater contest! Blue, silver, gold and white are some popular colors to keep in mind for a super festive look, and you can always choose whatever combo you want.

Get creative with decorations

Hanukkah is known as the festival of lights—so why not make your party decorations shine, too? You might hang up some sparkly string lights or even a shiny Hanukkah-themed banner. The right decorations will give your party a brilliant glow (and they'll also make the perf backdrop for all the Insta photos you'll definitely be taking).

Break out the games

The dreidel is a total must for any celebration—after all, it's the classic Hanukkah game. Need a refresher on how to play? All players have to do is spin the top. Then, depending on which of the four sides the dreidel lands on, players will either take or give up a share of the tokens. Tokens are usually small objects or food, like coins, chocolate coins or buttons. You could also put your own spin on other tried-and-true party games, like Hanukkah-themed bingo or charades.

Serve some festive treats

How could you have an amaze Hanukkah party without a menu to match? We can't forget about latkes—and the extra-tough decision of what to put on your potato pancakes. Sour cream and applesauce are the classics, but you can def get creative with your toppings, too (think latke avocado toast, latkes with smoked salmon and cream cheese or even cinnamon sugar latkes). For dessert, you've gotta go for the signature jelly donuts. Or you might even host your own cookie-decorating competition! 

Plan a gift exchange

Giving gifts is one of the most important Hanukkah traditions, and you can make it *so* special by doing a gift exchange with your squad! You might assign everyone a specific person to buy a present for in advance, or stick to the rules of the White Elephant gift exchange, which makes things even more random and surprising, but just as fun. An awesome gift from one of your besties—what's not to love?

Make it into a movie night

Don't want the party to end just yet? Turn your Hanukkah blowout into a movie night! Pick your fave holiday-themed flicks, round up the leftover snacks and get cozy on the couch. This is the perfect finishing touch to all the festivities!

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by Samara Smukler | 12/10/2022