How to host a summer picnic with your besties

If you're looking for weekend hang with your squad this summer, a picnic is the perfect opportunity for a main character moment. Whether you head to a park, drive to the beach or even just bring a blanket to your backyard, these al fresco ideas are *everything*.



If you're having a picnic, charcuterie is a must. But to give your board a tropical summer twist, add seasonal fruits like mango and pineapple. Prosciutto and salami are great matches for the sweet stuff, along with brie and manchego cheese (cut 'em into fun star shapes to make your board more fun). To bring the sweet and savory together, pack a dish of truffle honey. 



Capture it, remember it: Picnic photos are so cute and aesthetic for your IG feed. Find a place for your picnic that will have good scenery (sunset picnics are always beautiful) and grab a tripod so you can get everyone in the pics together. Another way to make your group photos stand out? Coordinating. Outfits. (Sundresses or jeans + a white tee are our faves.)



A decorated spot is the key to the perfect picnic! Think of a theme for your decor that will match your outfits and personality: boho neutrals, vibrant florals or pretty pastels. Find your perfect picnic blanket and maybe add some matching pillows, as well as FLOWERS! If you have a color scheme in mind, head to Trader Joe's to craft a bouquet for your centerpiece.

Fun & games


Once you've taken your pics and eaten your snacks, it's time to have some fun with your girls. Painting is such a cute idea—especially if you're in a place with pretty scenery you can recreate.  Card games and bracelet making are also fab (Natural Life has a ton of cute games and activities to try.) If you want to just relax and take in the summer day, find a good book for everyone to read beforehand and share your thoughts on it. (And who knows? Maybe you'll start your very own picnic book club tradition.)

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by Jillian Morse | 6/30/2023